A Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual

From High Day Celebrations I apologize right now if this post rambles.  I’ve got a lot on my mind, I guess! Blessed Autumn to everyone in the northern hemisphere!  I hope you’re enjoying the changing leaves, apple cider, and other signs of the season as much as I am.  Despite my busy schedule and doctor’sContinue reading “A Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual”

Feeling out of sorts as we enter the new season…

I’m back from my sister’s lovely wedding and back to feeling out of sorts.  This is just not my year with regards to health, is it?  In addition to a cold or allergies, I’ve been experiencing some stomach discomfort. Before heading to the wedding, I was lucky enough to get an appointment with my doctorContinue reading “Feeling out of sorts as we enter the new season…”

30 Days of Druidry – Foundations: Nature and Earth

I’m going to cheat a little bit today and link to a couple previous posts.  When I started to think about what I could say about this topic, I realized that I already wrote about it as part of my DP.  I’ve done more writing about my growing relationship with Nature and the Earth Mother,Continue reading “30 Days of Druidry – Foundations: Nature and Earth”

Maintaining a Magical, Spiritual Life When Overwhelmed

One of the biggest challenges to living a Pagan life is integrating our spirituality into our everyday lives.  It’s so easy to put it off until the high days and occasionally light a candle when we feel desperate.  Trust me – I know.  I used to be like that when I first became a PaganContinue reading “Maintaining a Magical, Spiritual Life When Overwhelmed”

Amendment to my Post on Suffering with Thoughts on Environmentalism and Reciprocation

Yesterday, I was inspired to discuss the concept of suffering and why it exists.  It’s a difficult topic to write or even think about because I’m well aware that my experience with suffering is so small compared to others.  It’s very easy for a caucasian woman of the middle class to analyze from her comfortableContinue reading “Amendment to my Post on Suffering with Thoughts on Environmentalism and Reciprocation”

Why is there suffering?

It’s Pagan Values month in the blogosphere and, while I’ve been doing my best to keep up on some of the contributions, I’ve stayed on the sidelines as far as participation is concerned.  I don’t know what I have to say that hasn’t been said.  I also don’t know if I could articulate it veryContinue reading “Why is there suffering?”

A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.”

Oh my Gods, I feel so out of it today.  I’ve decided I just have too much going on.  I’m taking it as a blessing that the local zumba classes have been cancelled until Fall.  One less thing not to feel guilty about putting off today.  I felt like a zombie at work.  I kindContinue reading “A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.””

On the death of an enemy

I’m trying to wrap my brain around how I should be feeling right now.  I feel a mixture of emotions – neither apathy nor the desire to party.  You see, I have pacifistic desires, idealist that I am, but I am also a realist who is proud of her Celtic and Viking heritage.  What wouldContinue reading “On the death of an enemy”