Pregnant Pagan: Birth and Motherhood Crane Bag

What is a crane bag? The answer: not hard. The lovely Aoife was turned into a crane and lived about the seas of Manannan Mac Lir for many hard years.  When she died, the great Sea Lord took her skin and made a magical bag that could hold his most beloved treasures.  It’s said to beContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Birth and Motherhood Crane Bag”

Icy Window

  We woke up to any icy world. An Cailleach exhaled her frosty breath over Northern NY and made it glisten. The trees shimmered like glass and the grass looked sugar dusted. As I scraped the car, I noticed how the ice fell away, tinkling like marbles. Winter’s hold is weakening, but this reminder ofContinue reading “Icy Window”

Blessed Spring!

Although I celebrated with Northern Rivers Protogrove this past weekend, I’ve been acknowledging the change in the season on my own as well. We still have snow in the North Country.  Some people complain about it, and indeed I look forward to the return of warmth and green, but find complaining about what Mother NatureContinue reading “Blessed Spring!”

I Met Venus in Ottawa

I’m sure most couples who plan a babymoon look to warmer climates for a romantic getaway.  Not us.  Weretoad and I looked north and went to Ottawa, Ontario.  We so enjoy that city, and being winter-tolerant folk to begin with, it just felt right. (Not to mention it’s only a couple hours away which meantContinue reading “I Met Venus in Ottawa”

Blessed Imbolc!

My Imbolc altar this year.  Included are the felted sheep I made, the pouch I keep my brat in, that motherhood statue from my mum, my drop spindle, the lavender Brighid cross, a collage ATC featuring Brighid from a fellow ADF artisan, and two new beeswax candles and candlesticks from my mum.  And of course,Continue reading “Blessed Imbolc!”

A New-Old Home For My Altar – At Last!

Lá Fhéile Bríde is upon us and I have been busily cleaning as best as I can, trying to make my home welcoming to Brighid.  I recently accomplished one of my biggest cleaning goals  – moving my altar back into the so-called “Art Room.”  I’ve said this before, but I preferred when it was inContinue reading “A New-Old Home For My Altar – At Last!”

Waiting for Imbolc

It’s late morning.  After doing my best to offer hospitality to our guest, I’m finally sitting down for some warm cereal and tea.  Ahhh…  me time!  The tea is made with roughly chopped fresh ginger, local honey, and half a lemon – its juice and rind.  Trying to keep my body healthy and ward offContinue reading “Waiting for Imbolc”

A Quiet but Lovely Winter Solstice

Our 2012 Winter Solstice tree – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012   I woke up a little early the morning of the Solstice to begin preparations for our little feast.  As I chopped potatoes, carrots, and onions, I kept my eye on the window and watched as the world grew increasingly illuminated.  Although overcast, theContinue reading “A Quiet but Lovely Winter Solstice”

Felt Yule Goat Ornament Tutorial

The Winter Solstice is very nearly upon us, and if you’re anything like me, handmade gifts are pure magic!  If you’re looking for a last minute stocking stuffer, my felt Yule Goat Ornament may be just the ticket*! Yule Goat Ornament – made and photographed by Grey Catsidhe, 2012 I’ve said this before, but IContinue reading “Felt Yule Goat Ornament Tutorial”