High Harvest Days and Garden Reflections

Rowan berries ritual strung and ready to dry for use in magical talismans and as ritual offerings. A good season for staying is autumn, there is work then for everyone before the very short days. Dappled fawns from amongst the hinds,  the red clumps of the bracken shelter them; stags run from the knolls atContinue reading “High Harvest Days and Garden Reflections”

Kitchen Magic – Zucchini Alchemy

Fresh, shredded zucchini from my parents’ garden.  Add some other goodies, like local flour and eggs… Oooey, gooey  goodness! Multiply by two! Fresh zucchini bread – one of my most favorite baked goods in the world.  Full of love and harvest energy!  What are you doing in the kitchen?

July 2012 Garden Update

Despite high heat, drought, threats of blight, and pests in the North Country, my container garden is persevering!  Plants are flowering, fruiting, and looking lush! Just bought some flowers from a greenhouse today.  Although my garden is very green and there are small flowers here and there, I wanted some more color.  The butterflies andContinue reading “July 2012 Garden Update”

Ditzy Druid Doings: Yay for Spring!

Hubby and I are feeling better – just sniffly.  Now that the local weather has gone from toasty warm to cold again, I’m not sure if I’m dealing with allergies or a cold. All the same, tea is my friend and I won’t let a sniffle keep me from enjoying the beauty of the newContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings: Yay for Spring!”

Around the Garden

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii growing in my rosemary pot.  My research says they won’t harm me or the plant.  I’m a little concerned about the spores getting on my herbs, but I guess that’s why we wash things, right?  They’re also supposed to indicate healthy soil. More lavender flowers.  Most of my herbs are inside now.  It’sContinue reading “Around the Garden”

Ditzy Druid Doings – Healing, Sewing, and Gardening

I’m still healing from my recent oral surgery.  I feel as if I might have some temporary (I hope) nerve damage in half of my face.  The right side of my lips and chin are very numb.  I also can’t open my mouth very far.  I attempted to eat some more solid food today butContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings – Healing, Sewing, and Gardening”