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The #30DaysMagicalRoots challenge started yesterday.  True to form, I’m a bit late!  Given that it was a major holiday in my tradition, I feel that’s entirely forgivable, right?  Right.  My family had a lovely, low-key Lughnasadh full of blueberry pancakes, board games, and a big dinner.  I also made offerings and went on a run, which felt particularly appropriate on a day for competitions.  Only, I was competing against myself.

So, day 1 of the 30 Days Magical Roots challenge is all about Divination.  I mostly work with the Druid Animal Oracle.  The symbolism resonates with me.  My focus this month is definitely moving.  The waiting is stressing me out.  I asked for insight into that and drew the otter – a card of play.  The Kindreds seemed to tell me to try and enjoy the process, and to not take everything so seriously.  I’m trying… but it is very difficult.

Today is day 2 and the focus is grounding.  My absolute favorite way to ground is through movement.  I reach up to the sky and let the fiery sky energy return to where it is needed.  Then I move into the yoga movement called child’s pose on the floor or ground. I let the watery, underworld energy seep back into the Earth Mother.  It is especially potent outside when you can feel the heat from the sun and the moisture in the grass or soil.


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“Balor Archery Target” painted and photographed by Weretoad, 2012

We spent Saturday with my grove mates to celebrate Lughnasadh.  It was wonderful to see them after staying with my family for the Summer Solstice.  We held our traditional Lughnasadh games!  They were more low-key and less structured this year. We had other activities planned this year and the heat was oppressive this weekend.  We spent a lot of time, including our business meeting, just floating around the pool.  The games we did have included archery, spear throwing, and Kubb.  Because nobody was really keeping track, we didn’t declare a champion this year.  Instead, everyone who participated charged a wreath which was given as an offering during ritual.

This year included a special women-only ceremony for one of our younger members, Dragonfly.  We welcomed her to womanhood and shared our words of wisdom and wishes for her.  It was very lovely and well-planned.  I know that, if I have a child, I would very much like for them to have a coming of age ceremony. I know I would have liked something like that.  What I liked best was that it was very personal and not connected to a spiritual mandate of some sort.  It was all linked to physical changes and her life.

“Artisan Showcase” – Photo by Grey Catsidhe

In addition to games, our Senior Druid felt it important for the artisans to show their work as well.  We did not compete – simply shared some of our recent work.  Painting, sewing, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, photography, and jewelry making were all represented!

One of my more recent dolls – “Dryad.”  Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012.
One of my “Wee Greenman Pins.”  Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012.
“Lughnasadh Altar” – Photo by Grey Catsidhe 2012

Our ritual was held in the shade of several trees behind our hosts’ home.  As the sun set, the air became less stifling and we focused on the cooling waters our bodies and lands so crave.  At the same time, we acknowledged the searing truth that is high summer and the lessons it teaches.   We praised Lugh as champion – as the many-skilled one who inspires us to reach for our goals and work hard each day.  We thanked the Nature Spirits for the harvest.

After that – we feasted!

It was a good day with wonderful people. I’m looking forward to the Autumn Equinox already!

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Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012.

Hail to the Nature Spirits, source of the grain harvest! We thank you for your bounty.

Having made some bread, I’m off to bring the heal to the forest shrine as an offering of thanks.  I gave an offering of whiskey to Lugh this morning and am going to have a game night with my neighbors this evening.  Looking to be a wonderful Lughnasadh with friends!  Since it will be a full moon this evening, I’m hoping to do more work before bed.  It’s a good time for it – very auspicious!  The big celebration will come Saturday with my grove.  We’ll be having our traditional Lughnasadh games complete with caber tossing.  Always a fun time!

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I’m on vacation. I can kick back and relax. I can sew and have fun! That’s just what I did today.


I worked on a small doll. I don't really like the arms and may end up redoing them... Otherwise I'm very pleased with the pattern I came up with.


I started another, larger doll.


I apologize for the quality of this photo. I'll try to get a better one soon. Here is my latest tree spirit plush! She has newly budded leaves and a robin nest on her head!


My husband and I finally got around to playing Arkham Horror, an occult delight from the Lovecraft universe. It's complicated, takes forever to set up, is looooong, and a challenge. We didn't even finish but it is a lot of fun.


Last but not least - my husband gave me this random but adorable gift: a tshirt featuring a nudist cupcake. What isn't to love about that? My hubby is so sweet. 🙂

I had a lovely day! I’m off to do my devotional before bed. Tomorrow? I hope to attend an Earth Day event, take care of some errands, and get my monthly massage! Huzzah!

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Saturday was Earth Hour.  It was the third year Weretoad and I participated.  A lot of people complain about it being a pipe dream with little impact, especially this year.  Since we’re already environmentalists and go beyond the hour anyway, I feel that even one more little step can make a difference.  I think it would be fun to do it with other people in the future.  Maybe have a candlelit potluck dinner?  I would at least feel less isolated!

Anyway, my husband and I enjoyed it this year.  I meditated for a few minutes and then we played Scrabble with candles.

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Sicky sicky sick

Well, not too sick.  Just congested and lacking in sleep as a result.

The usual meditation and the like are nigh on impossible for me in such a state.  Focusing on my breath only makes me miserable.  Last night I toyed with some Guitar Hero and found myself focusing on drum beats.  (I don’t do the guitar… I’m a percussion kind of gal when it comes to those games.)  The longer the song and the more basic the drum beats, the more I felt on the threshold of trance and the less I noticed my congestion.  The nature of the game didn’t allow me to really reach trance, but the nearness and the ability to distract myself from my woes was welcomed.

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