Porcupine Sighting at Sunset

I’ve been watching a documentary series on Netflix called “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”  I’m only on the second episode – “The Last Refuge” – but I highly recommend it to anyone who is an American or a nature lover. The imagery alone is worth the watch.  There is some stunning footage of YellowstoneContinue reading “Porcupine Sighting at Sunset”

Second Moon – New Moon

Last night found me beginning a new lunar cycle with my weekly retreat.  Although my decision to avoid social networking, games, and the usual entertainment kind of annoys my husband (simply because he wants to enjoy those things with me), I find the escape refreshing.  I accomplish much during those hours – including catching upContinue reading “Second Moon – New Moon”

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A cold and various errands kept me out of the forest this past week.  I decided to get back out today.  I brought a small offering as well as some food scraps.  Some may balk at bringing “garbage” to the woods, but I don’t have an operational compost heap or worm bin at the moment.Continue reading “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”