What Did You Harvest This Year?

Blessed Autumn Equinox! I spent Saturday celebrating early with my lovely protogrove.  We sang, honored the Earth Mother, and feasted on our bounty.  I was honored to lead a friend and grovie’s mother blessing as our magical working.  It was wonderful, and definitely a post for another time.  Today marked the actual Autumn Equinox, and IContinue reading “What Did You Harvest This Year?”

Beautiful Bounty and Garden Surprises

My Twitter pal Lady Althaea really inspires me.  Like other Pagans and Witches, much of her work focuses on keeping in touch with the land.  She does a lot of foraging and herbalism, and I feel like I don’t get out as much to explore like I used to.  Her posts on her blog andContinue reading “Beautiful Bounty and Garden Surprises”

Gratitude for Summer’s Harvest

Ok, everyone, it’s officially summer in my point of view! Solstice be damned; the actual start of summer is when I taste my first, local strawberry. That happened a few days ago. First, I collected a few wild strawberries at my childhood home. Of course, the plants are few and far between, making ripe andContinue reading “Gratitude for Summer’s Harvest”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Butterfly Buns or Fairy Cakes for Bealtaine

It’s been awhile since I posted about my attempts to explore Irish cooking.  Since it’s Bealtaine, I figured I should take a peek at some possibilities.  I came across Queen Cakes which sounded appropriate, but the author, Dariana Allen, explained that they were usually made for Nollaig Bheag.  However, the variation with wee wings felt particularlyContinue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Butterfly Buns or Fairy Cakes for Bealtaine”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Boxty Pancakes

Ever since I watched some random travel documentary about Ireland a few years ago, I wanted to try making boxty. I remember the host talking to some people who were making them at an outdoor market, and they looked delicious and easy. They’re essentially potato pancakes that use leftover mashed potatoes. This morning, I finallyContinue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Boxty Pancakes”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Vegetarian “Beef” and Guinness Stew

My protogrove’s Imbolc potluck theme was “get creative,” so I decided to do just that and play with a recipe for beef and Guiness stew in the Irish Traditional Cooking book.  To make it vegetarian, I first had to get the extra stout variety of Guinness brewed in North America.  It’s the only vegetarian variety.  Then,Continue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Vegetarian “Beef” and Guinness Stew”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Potato and Fresh Herb Soup

 This week, as I explore Irish cooking, I decided to try another soup.  It’s been chilly, and soup has a way of comforting like no other.  I decided to give the Potato and Fresh Herb Soup recipe a try.  Again, this is from Darina Allen’s Irish Traditional Cooking.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of freshContinue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Potato and Fresh Herb Soup”

Exploring Irish Food: Snow Pancakes 2.0

Just as I thought when I first made the batter for snow pancakes, once the snow fully melted, it was much easier to cook.  I let the remaining batter sit in the fridge overnight.  The result was a nice, thin batter – exactly what I’m used to when I make pancakes!  I poured the batterContinue reading “Exploring Irish Food: Snow Pancakes 2.0”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Snow Pancakes

Well, it’s another very snowy day in Northern New York.  I didn’t have to go into work, so I decided to do something special for breakfast, and searched my new Irish cook book.  Unfortunately, our cupboards are a little bare… One recipe jumped out at me because of what little was needed and the seasonally appropriate ingredientContinue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Snow Pancakes”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Irish Pea Soup

For lunch on Sunday, I made a pea soup from the Irish cookbook I’ve been exploring.  It was really easy, but I had to substitute vegetable broth for bacon rind or ham bone.  I also used cream instead of milk because I had some in the fridge and I didn’t want it to go to waste.Continue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Irish Pea Soup”