Fun Times

When I originally started this blog (when it was on Blogger) it was partially dedicated to getting used to the North Country.  I’ve been up here for nearly two years and it’s been an adjustment moving away from  dear family and friends, favorite hangouts, and such.  I still miss home and am continually amazed atContinue reading “Fun Times”

Fun Things

First of all, I’m very proud of myself for cleaning the stove for my past three flame keeping nights.  I also cleaned some of the counter space and swept for good measure. Since tonight was my evening to honor Brighid, I was very pleased to get my Imbolc Artisan Trading Card from Caroline!  My originalContinue reading “Fun Things”

Back from Ireland

I’m back from Ireland, readers!  Weretoad and I returned to the US Friday evening and have been recovering ever since.  Although my husband became ill, we had a fun time and it was a bit hard to return from a green isle with blossoming flowers to a snow storm in Update NY.  I must admit,Continue reading “Back from Ireland”

Say goodbye to vegan junk food. « Vegan Hope

This is an excellent blog entry about healthy veg*anism vs the unhealthy sort.  Nobody’s perfect and I would say I’m closer the the healthy variety than I was a few years ago.  I do eat processed fake meats every once and awhile, but I tend to use healthier ingredients in the kitchen.  I do likeContinue reading “Say goodbye to vegan junk food. « Vegan Hope”

LOW IMPACT KITCHEN: MORTAR & PESTLE | Little Homestead in the City

LOW IMPACT KITCHEN: MORTAR & PESTLE | Little Homestead in the City. I love this blog and I love the authors.  They are my heros! I’ve been trying to make more of an “unplugged kitchen” myself.  The big exceptions for me would be the refrigerator and stove (both came with the apartment and I wouldContinue reading “LOW IMPACT KITCHEN: MORTAR & PESTLE | Little Homestead in the City”

Getting Ready for Imbolc at Muin Mound Grove

Vegan bread pudding for potluck?  Check. Bag of canned goods to donate to local food pantry?  Check. Smaller bag of High Day representations for crafty grove project?  Check. Handmade offering for Brighid?  Check. Touched base with witchy friends meeting me at grove?  Check. Imbolc artisan trading card?  Hopefully mailing tomorrow. Ability to leave class earlyContinue reading “Getting Ready for Imbolc at Muin Mound Grove”