Wasteful Western Culture – A Rant

Many environmentalists talk about the problems associated with our throwaway culture.  Most of the time I associate this with disposable items like pens, toothbrushes, plastic cutlery, etc.  There are many things that can be recycled – most plastic bottles and glass – but even that system isn’t without its flaws.  The quality of plastic tendsContinue reading “Wasteful Western Culture – A Rant”

Brighid as Environmental Patroness?

On Imbolc we celebrate and contemplate the return of spring.  It’s a bit challenging to do that in northern NY.  As most people in the US are aware, a large storm is rolling across the midwest and up the northeast.  Signs of spring are difficult to find.  I was watching an episode of Edwardian FarmContinue reading “Brighid as Environmental Patroness?”

What Candles are Least Offensive to the Earth Mother?

Grist had an excellent entry all about sustainable candles today.  The Pagan community loves candles and must go through thousands each year.  Imbolc, also known as Candlemass in England, is a good time to reflect on our candle usage.  Have you ever thought about the impact your candles have? Ask Umbra on avoiding candles connectedContinue reading “What Candles are Least Offensive to the Earth Mother?”