30 Days Magical Roots: Days 3-6

Wow, August is just speeding by, and summer is slipping through my fingers like sand at the beach I visited a couple days ago.  I’m still participating in the 30 Days Magical Roots Challenge,  but as predicted, I’m combining days into sporadic updates. I’ve had a busy few days of visiting family, going to theContinue reading “30 Days Magical Roots: Days 3-6”

Druid Fortress, Traveling Altars, and Nine Moons

I had a stressful and somewhat scary experience last night.  I decided to do the Druid Fortress exercise as a way to shield myself.  It worked very well and is calming and strengthening at the same time.  Feeling the energy is very assuring. I’m realizing that my traveling altar needs some work.  Doing rituals inContinue reading “Druid Fortress, Traveling Altars, and Nine Moons”