A Witch’s Perspective on Global Warming

“Magic workers who assert that global warming is gubmint [sic]  propaganda need to get the hell away from the altar, put down the grimoire, and get outside.” A Witch’s Perspective on Global Warming. As another Upstate NYer, I can really connect to this post from “The Alchemist’s Garden.”  I so, so agree.

The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping

I’ve been thinking about Pagan shops for awhile and contemplating a post about them.  Since October, really, when I visited a “New Age” shop in Kingston, Ontario.  I have this love/hate relationship with Pagan stores.  I love when they exist in cities and towns.  They can be great meeting places for fellowship and education.  EspeciallyContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping”

Second Moon – New Moon

Last night found me beginning a new lunar cycle with my weekly retreat.  Although my decision to avoid social networking, games, and the usual entertainment kind of annoys my husband (simply because he wants to enjoy those things with me), I find the escape refreshing.  I accomplish much during those hours – including catching upContinue reading “Second Moon – New Moon”