Offerings of Service for the Earth Mother and Nature Spirits

Three Cranes Grove, ADF, did an “Earth-Along” last weekend with people all over the world.  You didn’t need to  be part of Three Cranes, or even ADF, to participate.  The first day was of service to the Earth Mother and Nature Spirits.  As I said recently, I take a bag into the woods with me every year right afterContinue reading “Offerings of Service for the Earth Mother and Nature Spirits”

Nature Awareness: Baby On Board!

Now that the temperatures are starting to rise (slightly) and there is more daylight in the evening, I’ve started to take Bee out for walks with me.  We don’t go very far, but it’s nice to get outside and share that with her.  It’s how we saw our first robins and red-winged blackbirds of theContinue reading “Nature Awareness: Baby On Board!”

Magical Ingredients – At What Cost?

Recently on Facebook, someone posted a story and the headline read that the black rhino was now extinct.  The story must have been hyperbolized, because my reading revealed that the black rhino is extinct in certain regions but not entirely (thank the Gods!).  They are critically endangered and some still exist in captivity or inContinue reading “Magical Ingredients – At What Cost?”

A Mothers’ Day Tea Party Devotional For the Earth Mother and Three Kindreds

First off, if you haven’t read the latest offering from The Wild Hunt on Mothers’ Day, you really ought to.  It includes a concise history (which I was not aware of before) as well as possibly spiritual implications this secular holiday may have for Pagans. This is the first time I’m officially celebrating Mothers’ DayContinue reading “A Mothers’ Day Tea Party Devotional For the Earth Mother and Three Kindreds”

Musings on the Earth Mother and Ancestral Ties in my Kitchen

Even though I don’t observe Easter and its associated feast days, I am grateful for the time off. I’m probably one of a lucky population who feels she works in a great profession that is both socially and intellectually satisfying.  That said, there are many times where a part of me wishes I had moreContinue reading “Musings on the Earth Mother and Ancestral Ties in my Kitchen”

Earthdance: Introduce Your Children to Guided Meditation

Earthdance: Joanne Ryder,Norman Gorbaty: 9780805062311: Books. I recently came across Earthdance by Joanne Ryder, illustrated by Norman Gorbaty.  As soon as I started to read, it sounded familiar.  It begins with a dark semicircle.  In the distance there is blue space and shining stars.  One of the stars seems to send down a beam ofContinue reading “Earthdance: Introduce Your Children to Guided Meditation”

Autumn Equinox with Muin Mound Grove, 2012

Before traveling to Syracuse, we stopped at the Burrville Cider Mill for some  locally made cider and donuts.  They were our potluck contribution.  I mulled the cider and it was fantastic.  Visiting the mill was a wonderful way to ring in the new season.  Autumn pleases all of the senses! A pouch I made toContinue reading “Autumn Equinox with Muin Mound Grove, 2012”

A Great Time at the Homesteading Fair in Lowville, NY

Yesterday I went to a Mother Earth News Homesteading Fair in Lowville, NY.  It was located at the Maple Ridge Center, kind of a hybrid farm, winter recreation retreat, and Christian education facility.    Thankfully, the event was secular in nature and thus very accessible.  The cost was only $10 for a whole day ($15Continue reading “A Great Time at the Homesteading Fair in Lowville, NY”

Reaction to “Is it Ethical to Use Silver in Druidic Rites” and Where to Go Next?

When I first asked my readers, “Is it Ethical to Use Silver in Druidic Rites?” I was bracing myself for some tongue lashings.  I felt the same way sharing my concerns on the ADF Discussion list.  Although I did get responses along the same tone I’m used to when explaining my vegetarianism, many people –Continue reading “Reaction to “Is it Ethical to Use Silver in Druidic Rites” and Where to Go Next?”

Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Animal Companion

Last night, when I went to clean the ferret cage, I immediately noticed something amiss.  Potion, our eldest ferret, was already awake and eagerly waiting a chance to run around outside their cage.  Puck wasn’t in sight.  She usually slept inside a brown hammock I made.  She was always lazy and slow to rise, especiallyContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Animal Companion”