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Mother Gaia by *humon on deviantART.

This is an excellent comic, and definitely food for thought.  While I agree with the sentiment that we are essentially dust in the wind and the Earth Mother, though nurturing, can also be distant and capricious, I don’t think we should just shrug off our responsibilities.  Now, I’m not saying that was the artist’s intent.  Nature as a whole does not depend on humanity and it will bounce back. We are very androcentric and to think that we can rule Mama Earth is as faulty as thinking that she can’t exist without us.

That said, as an environmentalist I am more concerned for the people climate change is effecting (people who are usually in developing nations who are not as responsible) and the creatures that we are taking down with us.  It’s not fair.  Just because  Nature in general will persevere and adapt, it doesn’t mean we should just ignore the plants and animals we are needlessly destroying.  We shouldn’t give up trying to change for ourselves or our brother and sister Earthlings.

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Saturday was Earth Hour.  It was the third year Weretoad and I participated.  A lot of people complain about it being a pipe dream with little impact, especially this year.  Since we’re already environmentalists and go beyond the hour anyway, I feel that even one more little step can make a difference.  I think it would be fun to do it with other people in the future.  Maybe have a candlelit potluck dinner?  I would at least feel less isolated!

Anyway, my husband and I enjoyed it this year.  I meditated for a few minutes and then we played Scrabble with candles.

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