How I’m Observing the Winter Solstice this Year

The Winter Solstice is officially tomorrow at 4:47 PM EST in the Northern Hemisphere where I live. It marks the longest night of the year, but it’s also on a school and work night! How can we mark the occasion? Like other religious minorities in the US, I weigh my options each year. Honestly, it’sContinue reading “How I’m Observing the Winter Solstice this Year”

Camping With Fire, Water, and Tree

I went away for several days; off to where Lake Ontario spoons the shores of Upstate New York. The beachline stretched beyond my sight, past buoys marked for ‘swim at your own risk,’ private residences, and wildlife management areas. Fresh water, sometimes smooth as a reflecting pool, other times choppy and reminiscent of ocean surf,Continue reading “Camping With Fire, Water, and Tree”

To Be Wrong or Uncertain is a Learning Opportunity

A few nights ago, I went to a friend’s house for game night.  During the course of the evening, we started to play Cranium.  My husband and I, as a team, were on a roll.  We were lucky enough to get only the creative and performance tasks as we progressed.  We eventually found ourselves atContinue reading “To Be Wrong or Uncertain is a Learning Opportunity”