Druid on the Run: Here I Go Again! (With Some Druidic Virtues Along the Way…)

A cesarean section is an excellent excuse for not running.  Because of that, and the other demands that come with new babies, I gave running up last year.  I still went for walks, danced when I could, and did yoga once (something I’d like to do more of).  Weretoad and I said, “next year.” WellContinue reading “Druid on the Run: Here I Go Again! (With Some Druidic Virtues Along the Way…)”

Druid on the Run: Back in the Game!

It’s been awhile since I blogged about my physical fitness goals as they relate to my spirituality.  Too long, in fact.  Time to get back in the game! The day after my cesarean section, the nurses and doctors were adamant that I get up to walk around.  Those first few steps were some of theContinue reading “Druid on the Run: Back in the Game!”

The Ditzy Druid Looks Back at 2012

Well, here we are – the end of 2012!  Before we move into the new year, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on all the personally significant events of 2012. 1) I Spent A Lot of Time Outdoors Although I make a point to do this every year, it’s always a highlight!  IContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Looks Back at 2012”

Druid on the Run: Getting Back in the Game

You may have noticed a distinct lack of this topic recently.  I will honestly admit that I stopped running for a couple weeks.  At first it was because we had family things going on.  We went away, celebrated Lughnasadh…  Not to mention, it was incredibly hot.  Staying in the shade was more desirable…  Then I didn’tContinue reading “Druid on the Run: Getting Back in the Game”

Druid on the Run: Electro-what?!

Now that I’m getting more seriously into exercising and attempting to make it more of a routine, I’m thinking more about all those sports drinks people consume.  I always knew athletes drank them because, well, they are the target audience in advertisements!  But why do they drink them?  I gradually came to learn it hadContinue reading “Druid on the Run: Electro-what?!”

Druid on the Run: Support

Since I started a running routine with Couch to 5K, and since I started to blog about it in my new series Druid on the Run, I’ve experienced a ton of support from family, friends, and readers here!  Kévin Silverstag informed me that there’s an ADF group on Fitocracy which I have since joined. One ofContinue reading “Druid on the Run: Support”

Druid on the Run: Exercise is Druidic?

I’m on a mission.  My goal is to get in shape.  I’ve never been very athletic.  My favorite forms of exercise are kayaking and dancing but, unfortunately, I don’t do either of them nearly enough.  I love to take nature walks as well but running through the forest near my home is not safe.  MyContinue reading “Druid on the Run: Exercise is Druidic?”