Three Things Thursday

In an effort to update my blog more regularly, I’ve decided to try a Three Things Thursday series. For the moment, I think I’ll just post three things relating to my practice – thoughts and reflections for the week, anticipation and plans for upcoming events, a toast or boast, mini review, etc. New Goal –Continue reading “Three Things Thursday”

My Mother’s Dream Superstition – Don’t Share Your Dreams Before Breakfast

I recently posted about how my mother’s insecurities carried over to me with regards to hospitality in my home.  That one small thing aside, I’ve inherited many other good and interesting qualities – her superstitions being some of them!  Growing up, my mother taught my sister and I several small folk traditions, sometimes thinly veiledContinue reading “My Mother’s Dream Superstition – Don’t Share Your Dreams Before Breakfast”

Rest in Peace, Papa

  My grandfather’s health had been declining steadily since the Winter Solstice.  He came down with a form of skin cancer and the treatments they utilized didn’t heal him.  He had started to decline mentally as well, and we heard from his hospice worker that it wouldn’t be much longer.  Honestly, I’m surprised he lastedContinue reading “Rest in Peace, Papa”