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Back before I had Bee, I researched crane bags and then made what I called a “motherhood crane bag” to keep with me through labor.  Since then, I have been meaning to make a general Druidic crane bag to have with me when conducting rituals.  My friend and grovie, Tara Loughborough, inspired me to make a large one that can not only hold sacred objects I want to keep near, but also contain my offerings and divinatory tools for the rites.  

So, over the course of several weeks, I drafted an original pattern for a bag, selected colors, and put it together.  It was important to me that I use earthy tones.  Green is my favorite color and reminds me of the forest.  The oak leaf, while representing the wisdom and strength of the Druidic path, is orange to represent the flame of Brighid – my patron Goddess.  As has become a custom in Northern Rivers Protogrove, it’s already decorated with some pins – our Folk of the Protogrove pins, my ADF Dedicant pin, and others that I or others made or bought to commemorated different spiritual events.

 I’m very proud of how it turned out and it’s already accompanied me to a ritual!  

Autumn Oak Crane Bag. Made and photographed by Grey Catsidhe, 2014.

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Huzzah for Airis!

I’m very excited for my mentee Airis!  After working with him for months, his Dedicant Program has passed!  This is an especially major achievement for him because English is not his first language.  Airis is from the Czech Republic, and I loved learning about his country and its lore through his work.  He did an excellent job and I’m so proud of him!

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to my mentee Grey Wren for successfully completing her Dedicant Path work in ADF!  She did a fantastic job and has an excellent way with words.  Make sure you check her work out!


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