Incense of the Land

At the end of March, I discovered an eastern hemlock tree in our yard was weeping resin. This is quite common in the spring, especially if trees have a wound. I found smaller globs on the white pine in front of our house, but the hemlock must have lost a branch or something. I collectedContinue reading “Incense of the Land”

DIY Finger-Knit Ghost Garland | Pretty Prudent

What a cute (and kid-friendly!) project!  I can envision folks making a new ghost each Samhain to represent a loved one who has passed away.  It could also be a wonderful way to decorate an ancestral altar in October and November. DIY Finger-Knit Ghost Garland | Pretty Prudent. Have fun!

Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Growing Mushrooms with Back to the Roots

For this Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping Entry, I’m going to put aside my usual format because this is more of a product review. The Wild Center that I visited recently has one of the nicest gift shops.  In addition to some of the usual things you’d expect (mugs, shot glasses, and tshirts), it boasts a hugeContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Growing Mushrooms with Back to the Roots”