Hot of the Press!

Issue 2 of Stone, Root, and Bone came out today! I haven’t finished reading my contributor’s issue, but my friends, it is gorgeous! When I got to my story, “Through the Brambles,” the image of the deer above brought tears to my eyes. You see, one of my closest spirit allies is the white tailedContinue reading “Hot of the Press!”

Nature Awareness: Deer and Coming Spring

Off to the forest with offerings tucked in my coat pocket, I trudged through the snow. Though much of it has melted, certain areas, especially the places between human dwellings and the forest, are still very deep. Movement was slow and difficult without snowshoes. As always, I thought of my spirit animal, the white tailedContinue reading “Nature Awareness: Deer and Coming Spring”

Working with Deer

A corner of my Nature Spirit altar is dedicated to the deer spirits. ¬†Behind a jawbone is an image from a Solstice card I kept and a candleholder of silhouetted stags. My recent post about cleaning a deer skull I found generated some interest in that spirit animal and my experiences with it. ¬†It madeContinue reading “Working with Deer”