30 Days Magical Roots Challenge – Days 12-15

I feel like there’s a maelstrom swirling around inside me lately.  Along with relaxing to some of my favorite shows, I’ve been throwing myself into writing.  Writing anything – my book, blog updates, tweets, even my first fanfic – just to keep that swirl of stressful worries from tearing me open.  With that in mind,Continue reading “30 Days Magical Roots Challenge – Days 12-15”

Crystals and Aliens at Thompson Park!

Rivers Protogrove gathered at Thompson Park in Watertown, NY for a workshop on gems presented by our own Tara.  It was incredibly informative!  She struck a really pleasing balance between the science of gems and the magical properties.  Tara has an extensive rock collection that she allowed us to explore.  For an experiment, she askedContinue reading “Crystals and Aliens at Thompson Park!”

Magical Ingredients – At What Cost?

Recently on Facebook, someone posted a story and the headline read that the black rhino was now extinct.  The story must have been hyperbolized, because my reading revealed that the black rhino is extinct in certain regions but not entirely (thank the Gods!).  They are critically endangered and some still exist in captivity or inContinue reading “Magical Ingredients – At What Cost?”

Sharing the Love: “How to find your own crystals”

I’m sure most of my readers remember my posts on the ethics of using silver in ritual, and the reactions and suggestions by others.  I had an amazing response from others who feel the same way – that Earth-centered Pagans should really try not to support mines that ravage the Earth Mother!  It is just unsustainable.Continue reading “Sharing the Love: “How to find your own crystals””