A Druid’s Toolbox

  Fire is a sacred element in Druidic ritual and cosmology.  As a result, it is almost always present at our rituals.  Photo by Weretoad, 2012.   Have you ever wondered what Druids use in magic and ritual?  Due to the variety of Druidic traditions that exist, an exhaustive list of tools is impossible.  ThatContinue reading “A Druid’s Toolbox”

30 Days of Druidry – Foundations: The Elements

I sometimes find it awkward to discuss elements in regards to Druidism.  There are Druids who use the four classical elements.  There could be different reasons for it.  It works quite nicely in OBOD, I guess, or they could be interested in Hellenic culture.  Druids influenced by CR  tend to view things differently though.  IContinue reading “30 Days of Druidry – Foundations: The Elements”

30 Days of Druidism – Foundations: Cosmology

What is my place in this world?  Where does my tribe belong? The answer?  Not hard. We were born of the ancestors, the wise ones of blood, heart, and place.  The ancestors share their wisdom and lore.  The ancestors inspire us.  The ancestors teach us what is and isn’t worthy. The ancestors were born ofContinue reading “30 Days of Druidism – Foundations: Cosmology”