Three Things Thursday: Sacred Stitches, “Cooked,” and Novel Aesthetics

Sacred Stitches Each day, I draw an ogham card as an omen. I ask the Kindred what guidance, lessons, and blessings they have for me. Yesterday, I pulled Ioho /Idad/ Yew. Most of my sources refer to this as Idad… I’m very fond of Erynn Rowan Laurie’s interpretation of the ogham, and I embrace thisContinue reading “Three Things Thursday: Sacred Stitches, “Cooked,” and Novel Aesthetics”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Apple Fritters

Everyone goes crazy for pumpkin spice everything in the autumn.  Don’t misunderstand – I enjoy pumpkins too.  I love using their innards to make an orzo dish, cookies, or pie.  Of course, I love to roast the seeds.  But if pressed to choose, my favorite autumn flavor comes from apples. I took some time thisContinue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Apple Fritters”

Early Summer Greens on Toast

I hope everyone is enjoying their late spring/early summer.  I certainly am!  This time last year, I was the size of a blimp, waddling everywhere, and reluctant to wander far for fear of falling or making my back ache worse than it already was.  Ah, the joys of third trimester pregnancy… My self-guided foraging and herbalismContinue reading “Early Summer Greens on Toast”

Dandelions In My Mouth!

Dandelions are my friends.  They always have been.  I’ve never understood the hatred some direct towards these most wonderful, helpful plants.  Sure, we gardeners don’t want them crowding out our other plant allies, but we should accept and embrace their tenacity in our lawns.  They are full of nutrients, possess healing qualities, and are entirely edible!Continue reading “Dandelions In My Mouth!”

Naturally Dyed Eggs for the Spring Equinox

For years, it has been my ambition to naturally dye eggs for the Spring Equinox.  Last year, I attempted to use some green tea (which I’ve successfully used to dye fabric), but the eggs were not a good color for dying.  I make a point to buy eggs that are either organic or local.  SinceContinue reading “Naturally Dyed Eggs for the Spring Equinox”

The North Country Druidic Study Group’s First Ever Ritual!

I’m very proud to say that the North Country Druidic Study Group’s first ritual went well!  We celebrated the autumn season and honored the Nature Spirits, thanking them for the harvest.  There were 11 of us in total.  For 7 attendees, this was their first time joining the group.  It was also a first exposureContinue reading “The North Country Druidic Study Group’s First Ever Ritual!”


Hail to the Nature Spirits, source of the grain harvest! We thank you for your bounty. Having made some bread, I’m off to bring the heal to the forest shrine as an offering of thanks.  I gave an offering of whiskey to Lugh this morning and am going to have a game night with myContinue reading “Celebrating”

Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Growing Mushrooms with Back to the Roots

For this Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping Entry, I’m going to put aside my usual format because this is more of a product review. The Wild Center that I visited recently has one of the nicest gift shops.  In addition to some of the usual things you’d expect (mugs, shot glasses, and tshirts), it boasts a hugeContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Growing Mushrooms with Back to the Roots”

Summer Solstice Equals Herbs and Strawberries!

The Earth is warming.  The sun is shining.  The plants are rejoicing! Ahhh…it must be time for the Summer Solstice!  It kind of snuck up on me!  Feels like just yesterday we were dancing the Maypole… It’s hard to say what the old Celts actually did at this time of year.  Some customs seem toContinue reading “Summer Solstice Equals Herbs and Strawberries!”

Learning From My Garden

Plants are great teachers and having a garden as a classroom is an easy way to learn their lessons and connect with nature.  The only unfortunate thing about such an educational environment is that mistakes aren’t only unavoidable – they’re necessary.  The result is always death.  We’re lucky in that, unlike our ancestors, most ofContinue reading “Learning From My Garden”