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I’m on vacation. I can kick back and relax. I can sew and have fun! That’s just what I did today.


I worked on a small doll. I don't really like the arms and may end up redoing them... Otherwise I'm very pleased with the pattern I came up with.


I started another, larger doll.


I apologize for the quality of this photo. I'll try to get a better one soon. Here is my latest tree spirit plush! She has newly budded leaves and a robin nest on her head!


My husband and I finally got around to playing Arkham Horror, an occult delight from the Lovecraft universe. It's complicated, takes forever to set up, is looooong, and a challenge. We didn't even finish but it is a lot of fun.


Last but not least - my husband gave me this random but adorable gift: a tshirt featuring a nudist cupcake. What isn't to love about that? My hubby is so sweet. 🙂

I had a lovely day! I’m off to do my devotional before bed. Tomorrow? I hope to attend an Earth Day event, take care of some errands, and get my monthly massage! Huzzah!

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