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Spent the afternoon in one of my favorite places today. Helped a friend sain a workspace (more on that soon) and enjoyed Nature’s beauty. Time on the magnificent St. Lawrence River fills my heart and mind with memories to sustain me in darker times. When I call on the Two Powers, I call on these scenes most often. This is my bliss.


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“Chillin'” probably isn’t the right word since the North Country, only just recently recovering from a huge snow storm, is experiencing a bit of a heatwave.  It was a rainy day, but several people from Northern Rivers took advantage of the break in winter weather and met up at a coffee house in Clayton, NY.  We had a fabulous time chatting about ADF liturgy and planning our Imbolc rite.  We even had a new person show up which was delightful!

After that, Weretoad, Bee, and I took a short walk along the St. Lawrence River.  Higher temperatures aside, the river is still pretty frozen in places.  We saw a remarkable crack running along a huge chunk of it.  It would have made a fantastic photo had we brought our cameras.  Oh well!  Some things are better experienced than photographed, I guess.  It felt wonderful to see the river again.  It’s always like a homecoming.  The air feels so clear…

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