Earthdance: Introduce Your Children to Guided Meditation

Earthdance: Joanne Ryder,Norman Gorbaty: 9780805062311: Books. I recently came across Earthdance by Joanne Ryder, illustrated by Norman Gorbaty.  As soon as I started to read, it sounded familiar.  It begins with a dark semicircle.  In the distance there is blue space and shining stars.  One of the stars seems to send down a beam ofContinue reading “Earthdance: Introduce Your Children to Guided Meditation”

Sharing the Autumn Equinox and Natural Awareness with Children

  Red Leaf,Yellow Leaf: Lois Ehlert: 9780152661977: Books. Although the rain in the North Country may make it feel more like April than the Autumn Equinox, signs of the season are all around us. If you have children in your life – be they your own or young grovelings – you should consider addingContinue reading “Sharing the Autumn Equinox and Natural Awareness with Children”