Pregnant Pagan: Mystical Forest Mobile

I finally finished the mobile I was working on for our baby!  I decided to go with a woodland theme because I definitely want to instill a love of nature in my daughter. I included some subtle Pagan hints, mostly because they are protective.  I used a combination of natural, found materials, felt, cotton threadContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Mystical Forest Mobile”

Pregnant Pagan: My Own Search for Pregnancy and Childbirth Lore in Ireland and Scotland

Before I get into pregnancy and childbirth lore from old Ireland and Scotland, please note that I don’t necessarily embrace or endorse these beliefs.  As a modern Druid, I seek to know how my ancestors – Pagan and Christian – lived before things became very industrialized and modern.  While some folk practices are seemingly out-of-touchContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: My Own Search for Pregnancy and Childbirth Lore in Ireland and Scotland”

The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Stang and Cauldron

This is my first official post in which I review and recommend Pagan shops.  In my introduction to the series, The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping, I lament the quality of products in most metaphysical shops but agree that they are still important places to strengthen community, educate, and provide tools to newer Pagans.  Unfortunately, onceContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Stang and Cauldron”

Rowan for Imbolc

Rowan tree and red thread Keep the witches from their speed. – Irish saying Rowan is a very magical tree that has been connected to Brighid and Imbolc.  The fiery red berries that ripen in the autumn remind one of her sacred flame.  Country folk would make crosses with the branches and red thread, thenContinue reading “Rowan for Imbolc”