I was in high school when I started to seriously study and practice any form of Paganism.  I was solitary except for a few experiments with an equally curious friend.  I didn’t meet any other Pagans in person until college.  The introductory books did not prepare me for the diversity in our community.  IContinue reading “Perceptions”

Scottish folklore and superstitions – When the Song Dies – Aeon Film

  Scottish folklore and superstitions – When the Song Dies – Aeon Film. Do take a moment to watch this short documentary by Jamie Chambers about the folk traditions of Scotland.  In particular, it focuses on how old songs and places connect us to our ancestors.  There are some interesting accounts of experiences with theContinue reading “Scottish folklore and superstitions – When the Song Dies – Aeon Film”

Me and What I Do

I was very touched by this post from the blog “A Forest Door.”  There has been a lot of drama in the “Pagan” online community lately.  Paganism vs. Polytheism.  Secular Humanists Pagans/Atheist Pagans vs. theists.  Vegetarian Pagans vs. Omnivorous Pagans.  Pop culture icons as deities vs traditional Gods.  The list goes on and on, and,Continue reading “Me and What I Do”

Balance in Celtic Reconstructionism

If you haven’t already, please read this wonderful post by the amazing Erynn Laurie.  She argues for a triadic approach involving Aisling (dreams/vision), Ársaíocht (antiquarianism), agus Agallamh (and discussion) .  It is what CR should be – a balance between UPG/our interactions with the Spirit World, historical studies, and discussion with others.  Without this balance,Continue reading “Balance in Celtic Reconstructionism”