The Antique Anatomy Tarot: First Impressions

I rarely buy tarot cards. I’m…picky. I usually prefer working with my ogham or other oracle cards, but sometimes a deck cries out to me and demands attention. So when I saw The Antique Anatomy Tarot by Claire Goodchild (@blackandthemoon), I thought about it for a few days then decided to treat myself. The cardsContinue reading “The Antique Anatomy Tarot: First Impressions”

Shrine Facelift

Since my Ancestors’ shrine moved and is looking much better, I thought it was only right to give the Nature Spirits’ indoor shrine a facelift! After dusting, I started to find places for the various bones, shells, feathers, crystals, etc and realized that I should place things according to realm – land, sea, and sky!Continue reading “Shrine Facelift”

Porcupine Sighting at Sunset

I’ve been watching a documentary series on Netflix called “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”  I’m only on the second episode – “The Last Refuge” – but I highly recommend it to anyone who is an American or a nature lover. The imagery alone is worth the watch.  There is some stunning footage of YellowstoneContinue reading “Porcupine Sighting at Sunset”