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Hello lovely readers! It’s Thursday, so I have three tidbits for you. Three is a magic number, after all!



White tea in my china cup. Photo by M. A. Phillips, 2020

  • Reading the Leaves:
    I mentioned last month that I’m interested in learning tasseomancy, and I finally tried my hand at it! I used Nilgiri white tea some family gifted me. I went with this because it has a mild flavor and won’t make the water too bitter while drinking. Others with more experience suggested I try mint or rooibos because of the smaller leaves, and this really appeals to me because of my gardening and my addiction to rooibos at night! My research and experimentation will continue. I’d like to make it a weekly rite.


  • Getting Organized:
    Now that I’m researching publishing options, I’ve noticed a lot of writers keep track of the business end of things using a planner. Since I often feel overwhelmed keeping track of bills and doctor appointments, I decided I needed more than my calendar app. I’m a visual person, and I write myself a lot of to-do lists that flutter about my desk. I’ve actually started to use it to help me plan my blog posts, too! I have a list of ideas to write about. If there are any topics you’d like me to explore, please comment!


  • A New Excerpt From My Novel:
    I know some of you have seen this, especially if you follow me on Instagram. I’ve been taking part in a couple writing challenges, and it’s been such a fun excuse to share snippets of my novel! After several years of keeping my manuscript hidden in my heart, publishing other short stories gave me the boost of confidence I needed to share more. I really enjoy getting feedback from others, and it’s exciting to know people want to read my book! Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented, and encouraged my posts. As I type this, I’ve finally finished my latest round of edits! Stay tuned!
ch 33 excerpt

“An eerie melody drifted into Lacey’s mind like tendrils of incense smoke. Every hair on her scalp shivered.’Do you hear that?’ she hissed.
Cian squinted at the air. ‘Um… you mean the ducks?’
‘No! Wait…’ She tilted her ear toward the water. Three bubbles rolled out of the gloom like otherworldly marbles. The siren’s tune had shifted from that of a weeping mother to a huntress. ‘She’s calling me.'”  – River Magic by M. A. Phillips





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I’m very excited to announce that I’m taking part in the upcoming Plant Spirit Ally Challenge hosted by Hagstone Publishing. You can read all about it here so that you, too, can participate! Specifically, I’m co-hosting days 2 and 22. After much thought, and many hints over the last few weeks, I will be working with mugwort. I’ll post more about why once the challenge starts, but I’m very inspired to make a mugwort-themed doll. Due to some other projects going on, I probably won’t be able to complete every day, but I will do my best! I hope you’ll join us in exploring a special plant in your life.

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Between the impending move, FAE Fest, and the upcoming school year, August is going to be insane.  In an effort to help me stay rooted in my spiritual practice, and in the spirit of reflection, I’m going to try my best to participate in #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge that Plentiful Earth is facilitating.  

If you’re interested in participating, click the above link to see the prompts.  I think it’s a bit strange that there aren’t 31 days considering the length of August, but I’ll try to use that last day to look back on my ability to work through the prompts.  Some look like they’ll help me with some of my ADF studies, too!

I may miss a day or two…  Chances are I’ll combine several in one blog post.  It’s all good, though.  The point is to reflect and deepen my spiritual practices *despite* the chaos.



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Autumn Oak Tree Spirit – plushie and photo by Grey Catsidhe

I nearly forgot the giveaway!  As you may remember, I decided to have a contest in celebration of my blog receiving 20,000 views.  I promised that the lucky winner would be announced on Lughnasadh.  All of the names were placed in a bread pan in honor of the occasion.  The name drawn was…

Katy Rose from Wings of Flight!

Here’s what she wrote about The Ditzy Druid:

I love that each post has something about druidry/spirituality to it but is also about your life – some blogs try to separate these things which doesn’t feel right/possible to me.

I totally agree and I’m glad you enjoy my blog.  I will be contacting you soon about mailing your new tree spirit!

A big thank you to everyone who entered and to all of my readers!  I’m so happy to inspire you and it means a lot that you keep reading.


Grey Catsidhe

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I’ve been a bit light on updates over the past couple days.  Sometimes I worry I spend too much time as a techno Pagan.  I can get caught up in the blogosphere or in the online groups. It can distract me from accomplishing my personal goals and just living.  Being a Pagan, especially a Druid, is about going outside, time with your tribe, learning, and communing with the spirits.  Personally, most of that happens away from the screen, keyboard, and mouse.

I have been online, of course.  As you saw yesterday, I worked on tweaking my blog, removing images that aren’t mine or weren’t arttributable.  Thankfully there were very few of those.  I’m rather proud that the vast majority of images on The Ditzy Druid are by myself or my husband.  Go us!  I’ve also been communicating more with a local group of Pagans from diverse paths.  We’re brainstorming what that could turn into and the discussion has actually been rather productive.  I also received more interest int the Druid Study Group…

…which is meeting today for the second time ever!  Based on the RSVPs, the group will be a little larger than last time.  Also unlike the first meeting, I’m planning for this to be more focused.  I want to maintain the casual atmosphere, of course.  I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m this big expert and that they are teacups to be filled with my wonderful knowledge, but I do want to “lecture” a little.  I do so hate that word, but there’s no way around it.  I also plan to include plenty of time to share personal experiences and insights.  I want to end with a meditation.  Our topic is Nature Spirits with an emphasis on the physical type this time around.  Planning to lead them through a meditation in which we go through the Three Realms and experience the Nature Spirits in each.  Wish me luck!

I spent quite a bit of time outdoors yesterday.  I made a point to go into the forest and visit the shrine.  I made offerings to the local spirits and thanked them for their blessings.  I found some turkey feathers which I accepted as gifts and brought back home to wash.  My collection has grown and I’m brainstorming what I could turn them into.

Payne Lake, NY – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012

The evening was spent with my neighbors and friends at their family’s property near Payne Lake.  What an absolutely beautiful place!  It’s the second location we’ve kayaked here in Jefferson County.  Payne Lake is more narrow than Hyde Lake, and seems to have more of the dramatic cliffs we like.  Wildlife was plentiful!  We saw frogs, falcons, a flock of turkey vultures, a heron, and a beaver!  I’d never seen a beaver in the wild before so that was an extra special treat.  We’ll definitely be spending more time there.

One last exciting thing to report: The Clayton Food CO-OP!  In our favorite town of Clayton, this new shop is celebrating its grand opening this weekend.  Their focus is on local food with an emphasis on organic and fair trade products.  While we have another great location for such products in Watertown in the form of The Mustard Seed, The Clayton Food CO-OP will make obtaining healthier foods for the body and planet easier on the people who live near the St. Lawrence River.  It will also make grocery shopping easier on me since we visit there frequently!  In fact, they have started a service with the local Grindstone Farm that allows customers to order a box of fresh, organic fruits and veggies each week.  It’s different from a CSA because you aren’t paying for a whole season – just a week!  It makes it easier for people on a budget to enjoy local food.  I just ordered a box and can’t wait to pick it up on Thursday!  If you’re from the North Country, definitely consider it!

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