Cleansing Spirit Animals and Tools During the Waning Moon

The beautiful, pregnant moon was a welcomed sight over the fields and forests during Beltaine this past weekend.  Now that the moon grows thin once more, it is a time for cleansing.  I’ve been working on a couple of very practical yet spiritual cleaning projects. First, I’ve been cleaning a deer skull.  The deer isContinue reading “Cleansing Spirit Animals and Tools During the Waning Moon”

Beltaine Tutorial: Easy Floral Garland Hair Clip

I’m always trying to think of easy tutorials for Pagan families to do together, especially projects that help people learn and perfect useful skills like sewing.  This one is to celebrate Beltaine.   During this season we delight in the new life bursting forth everywhere.  It is also a time to be flirty and sensuous.Continue reading “Beltaine Tutorial: Easy Floral Garland Hair Clip”

My Beltaine

Yesterday, Weretoad and I went to Syracuse to celebrate Beltaine with the folks at Muin Mound Grove.  We had a wonderful time.   I feel a greater familial bond with everyone. I celebrate everyone’s victories, lament their tragedies, cry when they cry, and laugh at inside jokes.  This Beltaine marked my fourth anniversary with them.Continue reading “My Beltaine”

Crafty Pagan Tutorials – Tissue Paper Flowers for Beltaine

The warm weather is here and Beltaine is nearly upon us!  Every year, Pagans come together around the first of May to celebrate fertility, sexuality, love, and new life.  What better way to celebrate than with flowers?  Indeed, May Queens of old were often decked out with floral crowns, and the tops of Maypoles areContinue reading “Crafty Pagan Tutorials – Tissue Paper Flowers for Beltaine”

Valentine’s Day?

So it’s Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Pagan blogs recently about the holiday’s Pagan roots, how we can/should repurpose it, information on love/sex spells, and how to celebrate it as a day honoring all love.  That’s all well and good, and I’m happy for anyone who is celebrating today.  It’sContinue reading “Valentine’s Day?”