Fast as an Oak Tree

When life gets busy, I tend to feel that my spirituality comes out of focus. Socializing, driving from place to place, and my day job all distract me from my studies. Being a mother and keeping my home is exhausting. So often, I find myself snuggled in a bathrobe, on the couch, watching something on Netflix.Continue reading “Fast as an Oak Tree”


It’s very common for women who are breastfeeding to live menstruation-free for several months after the birth of their babies.  Well, after nearly ten months (the first, after birth, is a bloody business too), my body is getting back to its cycles.  It’s annoying, but the female body menstruates for a reason.  I know that’sContinue reading “Purification”

Baby’s First Spring Equinox

Along with honoring the change of seasons with Northern Rivers Protogrove, my little family and I observed it in our own way.  For dinner, we had some lovely omelets with asparagus.  We also gave Bee a basket of goodies.  I’m still not sure if this is something we’ll do every year or not.  I crochetedContinue reading “Baby’s First Spring Equinox”

Pagan Parenting: Sneaky Studies

I recently discovered something that is helping me with the more academic requirements in ADF’s advanced study programs. Bee is capable of eating finger foods so, sometimes, in the evening, I’ll put her in her highchair, give her some organic baby rice cakes, puffs, or fruit, and let her have at it. Meanwhile, I sitContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Sneaky Studies”

The Ditzy Druid Looks Back at 2013

Well 2013, it’s been interesting.  You had some great moments but also some really difficult times.  You were a year of great change and growth.  There was death and birth alike. January We started the year  performing a blessing ceremony on our apartment and then enjoying an evening with friends.  The omens were good butContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Looks Back at 2013”

Pregnant Pagan: Birth and Motherhood Crane Bag

What is a crane bag? The answer: not hard. The lovely Aoife was turned into a crane and lived about the seas of Manannan Mac Lir for many hard years.  When she died, the great Sea Lord took her skin and made a magical bag that could hold his most beloved treasures.  It’s said to beContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Birth and Motherhood Crane Bag”

Pregnant Pagan: Mystical Forest Mobile

I finally finished the mobile I was working on for our baby!  I decided to go with a woodland theme because I definitely want to instill a love of nature in my daughter. I included some subtle Pagan hints, mostly because they are protective.  I used a combination of natural, found materials, felt, cotton threadContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Mystical Forest Mobile”

Pregnant Pagan: It’s Here!

I have some thoughts brewing about my impending move and my garden, but I can’t help but gush!  Huzzah!  My new Hygeia breast pump is here! With all my talk about desiring a natural birth, it probably won’t be a surprise that I also hope to breast feed.  A friend of mine actually gave meContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: It’s Here!”

Pregnant Pagan: The Importance of Hope

The news is full of tragedy.  Sometimes, it’s easy to forget it exists.  We wrap ourselves in cocoons of modern comfort, alternative realities, and a seemingly never-ending lists of things to do.    It can be easy to take comfort in the forest, the river, the garden and let the rest of the world fallContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: The Importance of Hope”