Samhain with Northern Rivers, 2013

On Saturday night, Northern Rivers Protogrove gathered to celebrate Samhain and honor the Ancestors. We decided to have the rite indoors as the rain and cold were quite intense. We are aiming to be more family-friendly and we wanted the little ones to be safe and comfortable.  I used to look down my nose atContinue reading “Samhain with Northern Rivers, 2013”

Stop, Drop (Everything), and Step Outside

Dear readers, I’d like to lead you on a very short active meditation.  You need this.  No, really – you do. When you’re done reading this, I want you to go outside.  Look away from your large and small screens.  If you can’t go out (if you’re stuck in an office, for example, and it’sContinue reading “Stop, Drop (Everything), and Step Outside”

Celebrating the Season with Local Food

Sure, it was hot and humid earlier this week, but we’re once more experiencing the crisp, cool weather of autumn. And thank goodness! I’m ready for it. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m a new mother and trying to find ways to live my spirituality that don’t always include lengthy rituals,Continue reading “Celebrating the Season with Local Food”

Autumn Colors

I try to get into the forest at least once a week.  It relaxes me, heals my emotional aches, and reminds me of what really matters. Although we’re in a season that focuses on death, there is a certain beauty about it.  And indeed, out of the death and decay, life is all around.  RedContinue reading “Autumn Colors”