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A beautiful Dagda ATC by Autumn Aelwyd


I came home to find this wonderful artisan trading card in my mailbox.  Isn’t he amazing?  It’s a tiny oil painting, on a tiny canvas, of An Dagda by Autumn Aelwyd.  There are two very satisfying things about this ATC.  First, Autumn’s portrayal is pretty much exactly how I see him.  Even the eyes!  Then, if you look in the background, you can see what looks like one of my tree spirits!  I giggled happily when I saw that.  Thank you, Autumn!  This is truly a treasure!  It is going on my altar!

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The ATC I made for Doreen this Samhain.  I saw she liked foxes and this design came to me.  The skull, of course, is for the ancestors.  I was really touched to learn how much she loved the card!




386829_2642219095545_1257622379_33164238_1011294707_n.jpg 488×707 pixels.

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Here’s the Autumn Equinox ATC I made for Brighde.  It’s Manannan mac Lir.  I love how he turned out!





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First of all, I’m very proud of myself for cleaning the stove for my past three flame keeping nights.  I also cleaned some of the counter space and swept for good measure.

Since tonight was my evening to honor Brighid, I was very pleased to get my Imbolc Artisan Trading Card from Caroline!  My original partner was unable to keep her commitment so Caroline (Druidic saint that she is) made one for me so I wouldn’t be left out.  She.  Is.  Amazing.

Isn’t it beautiful? Not only did she paint that work of art but she even decorated a little envelope for me to keep it in!

I have some other things I want to share with you too since I’m posting photos.

These are a couple books I bought while in Ireland.  The Celtic Way of Life by Anges McMahon looks like it will be an interesting read.  And if you’re an old friend, do you remember my excitement over Erik Evensen’s graphic novel Gods of Asgard?  I always hoped to find a graphic novel featuring any of the Irish legends.  Well, guess what?  They exist!  an Táin was one of a few Gaeilge graphic novels!  I had to get it.  How amazing is it to find The Táin as a graphic novel in the Irish language?!  If you’re going to Ireland, you can find a copy in the Archaeology Museum for €10.  The illustrations are amazing and I found an English translation online which I am printing and keeping in the book.

I also found this amazing statue at the Newgrange gift shop.  It’s my girl Sheela na Gig!  I’ve always wanted a statue of her.  She’s probably my favorite souvenir.  Sheela is totally going on my altar.



Finally, here are a couple of the drinks Weretoad and I tried at the Jameson Distillery – coke and whiskey, and cranberry juice and whiskey. They have become our favorite mixed drinks. In fact, one of the first things we did upon returning to the states was purchase twelve year old Jameson whiskey for our liquor collection. It is the best damn stuff in the world…  So fair warning – if you go to the Old Jameson Distillery, you may come back to America as a whiskey connoisseur.

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