Three Things Thursday: Kitchen Magic, Writing Community, and “Mercury in Gatorade”

Once more, in an effort to update my blog more regularly, here’s another installment of Three Things Thursday! Three mini posts nestled together in one for your viewing pleasure! Kitchen Magic With My Daughter Bee is showing more interest in both cooking and magic, so showing her how they can mix is a no brainer!Continue reading “Three Things Thursday: Kitchen Magic, Writing Community, and “Mercury in Gatorade””

Let’s Finish the 30 Days Magical Roots Challenge

Oh my goodness.  Where has the time gone?  For those curious, I’m all moved into my new home!  Huzzah!  It was a stressful process that disrupted my spiritual practice, but sacrifice is necessary for change.  I’m starting to get back into things, though.  With that, I want to tie up loose ends and finish theContinue reading “Let’s Finish the 30 Days Magical Roots Challenge”

In Which I Ponder Astrology

I’m asking my dear readers to indulge me in a brief, new agey digression.  We all experience them from time to time, right? Astrology is one of those things that intrigues me but never holds my interest.  It’s very involved.  Many who dismiss it outright are only familiar with the Sunday newspaper variety.  It wasn’tContinue reading “In Which I Ponder Astrology”