Exploring Irish Food: Snow Pancakes 2.0

Just as I thought when I first made the batter for snow pancakes, once the snow fully melted, it was much easier to cook.  I let the remaining batter sit in the fridge overnight.  The result was a nice, thin batter – exactly what I’m used to when I make pancakes!  I poured the batterContinue reading “Exploring Irish Food: Snow Pancakes 2.0”

Pagan Parenting: Snowy Day Fun Inside

Happy New Year, readers! We’re having a quiet day in because of the lake effect snow in Northern NY. We definitely needed some rest. I feel like I say this often, but December is so darn busy!  It’s pretty cold and windy today, so while we enjoy watching the snow through the window, Bee hasn’tContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Snowy Day Fun Inside”