Samhain with Northern Rivers, 2013

On Saturday night, Northern Rivers Protogrove gathered to celebrate Samhain and honor the Ancestors. We decided to have the rite indoors as the rain and cold were quite intense. We are aiming to be more family-friendly and we wanted the little ones to be safe and comfortable.  I used to look down my nose atContinue reading “Samhain with Northern Rivers, 2013”

2013 Gardening Reflection

The growing season isn’t quite over, but I call uncle.  This year’s garden was the most difficult to maintain and the least productive I’ve had in years.  I have very good reasons, of course.  I moved early in the season and then, just a few days later, gave birth.  The result was an extremely exhaustedContinue reading “2013 Gardening Reflection”

Pagan Parenting: Baby Saining

As part of Northern River’s Autumn Equinox ritual, we had a baby saining ceremony for Bee.  The rite was inspired by material gathered by Alexander Carmichael in Carmina Gadelica.  In the highlands, Pagan ceremony blended with the Christian idea of baptism.  Baptism was seen as a powerful force of order among those people.  It wasContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Baby Saining”

Prepping for the Autumn Equinox

My family has grown and I feel pulled to add greater emphasis to our holiday observations.  I’ve always expressed my excitement for Samhain and Winter Solstice through decorating, but I want to explore that with the other High Days as well.  If my daughter is anything like I was as a youngster, it will addContinue reading “Prepping for the Autumn Equinox”

My First Failed Attempt at Naturally Dying Eggs

Spring is inching towards us in the North Country.  It’s sometimes hard to believe given all the snow we’ve been getting this week.  Despite that, Northern Rivers Protogrove will be bundling up and huddling around a fire to bring in the new season later today!  Although the Spring Equinox is more of a modern DruidicContinue reading “My First Failed Attempt at Naturally Dying Eggs”

A Spring in my Step

As I write this, the snow continues to sit outside and the temperature remains a little chilly.  And yet there’s change in the air!  Snow has been melting.  Earlier I heard the drip drip drip of melting ice from the roof. The sun rises earlier each day and, as a result, I feel less grouchy in theContinue reading “A Spring in my Step”