Below you’ll find a list of various tutorials associated with the High Days and other Druidic beliefs and activities.  Many of these relate to sewing, but there will be some recipes and other art projects as well.

High Days

  • Samhain
  1. Ancestral Altar Cloth
  2. How to Carve Turnips into Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Winter Solstice
    1. White Pine Tea (recipe)
    2. Leaf Bookmark – Gift Idea (sewing)
    3. Oak Leaf Earrings – Gift Idea (sewing and jewelry making)
    4. Felt Yule Goat Ornament – Gift Idea (sewing with possible accessory application)
    5. Winter Solstice Paper Suns – Decoration (paper crafts) (great for kids)
    6. Dehydrated Orange Sun Wheel Ornaments – Decoration (crafts with natural objects) (great for kids)
  • Imbolc
  1.  Mini Brighid Mantles (fabric marker on cloth) ( great for kids)
  2. Faux Candles for Imbolc: A Toddler-Friendly Craft
  • Spring Equinox
  1. Pagan Parenting Tutorial: Ribbon Flowers for Spring Equinox Altars and Nature Tables


  • Beltaine
    1. Tissue Paper Flowers for Beltaine (paper crafts) (great for kids)
    2. Easy Floral Garland Hair Clip (sewing)
  • Summer Solstice



  • Autumn Equinox



  • Healing


    1. Sore Throat Tea (recipe)


  • Hearth and Home
  • Garden
  • Ritual Tools


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