Dedicant Program

Ár nDraíocht Féin is committed to academic excellence.  The elders want ADF’s members to be well-versed in the history, practices, and lore surrounding the cultures on whom we focus.  The Dedicant Program is an excellent introduction.  It requires its students to meditate, read, observe nature, practice ritual, think, and write about various subjects such as the Kindreds, personal religion, environmentalism, virtues, and books written on Paganism past and present.

Although challenging at times, I enjoyed the journey that the DP has taken me through.  Below you’ll find links for further insight into the Dedicant Program and links to my DP essays. The essays were written over the course of several months.

  • Virtues
  1. Wisdom
  2. Piety
  3. Vision
  4. Courage
  5. Integrity
  6. Perseverance
  7. Hospitality
  8. Moderation
  9. Fertility
  10. Sensuality
  • High Days
  1. Samhain
  2. Winter Solstice
  3. Imbolc
  4. Spring Equinox
  5. Beltaine
  6. Summer Solstice
  7. Lughnasadh
  8. Autumn Equinox
  • Book Reviews

One of the many requirements of ADF’s Dedicant Program is that the Druid in training read three books: one about various Indo-European cultures and/or ancient Paganism, one about a specific culture (your hearth culture), and one about modern Paganism.  The student is then to write a book review of each title.  I found the exercise to be helpful in that it forced me to pay closer attention to the books I was reading and birthed greater reflection as a result.

  1. A History of Pagan Europe by Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick
  2. A Brief History of the Druids by Petter Ellis Berresford
  3. Her Hidden Children: The Rise of Wicca and Paganism in America by Chas S. Clifton







  • Dedicant Oath Rite
  1. Dedicant Oath Rite Script
  2. Reflection on the Dedicant Oath Rite

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