A History of Pagan Europe

Jones, Prudence, and Nigel Pennick.  A History of Pagan Europe.  New York: Barnes & Noble, 1995.   A side of history that has remained silent for many years is finally revealed in Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick’s work A History of Pagan Europe.  Through exploring the tomes of history, lore, and archaeology, the authors have put together an impeccableContinue reading “A History of Pagan Europe”

Favorite Legendary Creature

A few days ago I posted asking about your favorite supernatural creatures.  Lhinelle responded with the Peryton – something I never knew about (although I’m reminded of something from World of Warcraft…)!  It is a stag-bird hybrid with a penchant for human flesh. When I made the post, I never answered myself.  My favorite legendary/supernatural/mythical creatureContinue reading “Favorite Legendary Creature”