Website Envy and Other Things

I felt really ill yesterday due to hormonal issues.  I accomplished nothing after work. I don’t feel fully restored tonight, but I’ve already been more productive than yesterday!  I did some work on a doll and did a quick ritual to promote healing in the areas surrounding the oil spill.  CedarLight Grove is encouraging everyoneContinue reading “Website Envy and Other Things”

Looking forward to Wellspring! *

Now that it’s May, Wellspring is right around the corner!  I’m so excited to meet more of my fellow ADFers.  Yesterday at Muin Mound, I learned some very exciting things about Wellspring!  For one, Skip told me that the ceremonial installation of Kirk as the new Arch Druid will take place on Saturday.  This meansContinue reading “Looking forward to Wellspring! *”

Let me introduce you to Sif!

Sif is a Norse Goddess.  She’s Thor’s wife and is known for her beautiful, golden hair. Here is my interpretation of her.  She’s sitting in the forest with her horn of mead. Here is a closeup of her sitting in a tree. Sif is a one of a kind art doll and is not aContinue reading “Let me introduce you to Sif!”

Oh the things people leave behind in forests…  It was nice to be outside, for however short, and begin cleaning up.  I got to see several tiny snails which was fun.  I also made a little cairn under a pine tree in tribute to the land Goddess. Otherwise my day was spent inside.  Sif isContinue reading

Exploring Watertown and Sewing a Skirt

I had a lovely day with my husband and parents yesterday.  I showed my parents the Paddock Arcade, where I broought my mother Moontide Arts, the New Age shop, while the men waited outside.  She really loved all the clothing there.  We also went to some boutiques on Court St. like the fair trade/thrift shop andContinue reading “Exploring Watertown and Sewing a Skirt”