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~ Last night went well.  I decided not to give myself a reiki treatment.  I had a professional massage and no longer felt the need.  The massage was amazing and I really liked the woman who did it.  I got a good vibe from her and we talked a bit about some of the New Age/Pagan community in the area.  I learned about several opportunities I would like to look into!  More on these soon.

~ I meditated last night and used my bodhrán to drum myself into a trance.  It’s something I’ve been meaning to try but I always put it off because I thought the physical motion would be too distracting.  It was strangely effective!  I met Brighid and had a little chat with her. She put me at ease about several issues.  I also met with my spirit guide and learned a strange dance from him.  We also talked briefly about how funny it is that a vegetarian has a carnivorous spirit guide.  He basically gave me the impression that just because he hunts for meat, it doesn’t mean I have to.  He said I hunt for other things.*

~ There’s another ADFer in Watertown!  I randomly looked at the roster for NY state and saw his name!  He joined a month ago.  I decided to email, say hello, and tell him about Muin Mound.  He replied and said he is hoping to attend the grove.

~ My husband and I are getting really excited about Wellspring. He’s mostly excited about camping out and finally using our tent.  I’m looking forward to meeting more of my spiritual community and the workshops!  I wish there was more information about what is being presented and when certain rituals will be…

*My bodhrán has a skin head.  Yes I know this is hypocritical…  I deal with issues like this all the time.  I try my best and take my baby steps and live peacefully…  But I also really trust the person who makes the drums and, frankly, I would rather have a drum from someone who respected the animal than a synthetic drum head from a factory.  

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As the title alludes, tonight it is my turn to keep Brighid’s flame.  As I did last month, I’m going to refrain from using the internet and, instead, spend my time in meditation, creativity, prayer, study, and housework*.  I am also planning to give myself some reiki.

I’ve been working on another Brighid doll recently.  So far she is turning out well.  Every time I sew something I learn a new lesson, and this piece is no exception.   I cannot wait to share her.

Before my quiet evening begins, I am going to get my massage in Watertown.  I’m very excited.  Nothing like some healing on my day of working with Brighid, right?  I shall ask for her blessing as I lay on the table.

*As Brighid is a Goddess of the hearth and home, I feel it’s only appropriate to tidy it up so that she is more welcomed here.

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I’m officially on vacation!  What am I going to do with myself?  Well besides sleeping in and possibly visiting family, I’m planning to do some ISP and Art Guild SP work.  I have numerous books and articles to read, an essay I’d like to start, and drawings to work on.  I also have my various sewing projects to keep me busy.

I’m really excited about tomorrow.  Tomorrow, dear readers, I’m going to get a massage at Massage Works in Watertown!  As my husband guesses, it’s sure to be an excellent start to my vacation!  The massage therapist, Patti, also does reiki.  Down the road I would love to get a combination massage/reiki treatment.  Yes, I know, I received my reiki I attunement and can perform self-treatments…  but really, isn’t it nice to have someone else do it too?  My poor back is so achey; I’m terribly excited about tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to post a review!

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I had a really great experience keeping the flame last night.  I started to do some housework between finishing up some internet tasks, so I got that out of the way before I even started.  As the sun set, I closed my eyes and steadied my breath, focusing on the task at hand.  I then lit the candle and said a prayer.

After that, I got to work and did some exercise.  I’ve been trying to work out for 30 minutes every day.  I inevitably skip some days, but, on a whole, I’m proud of the progress I’ve been making.  I love doing yoga before my aerobics.  I’ve lost some weight and I feel good about myself.  In addition, it’s helping me improve my breathing.

After exercising I took a cleansing shower before going to my ritual room for an hour’s worth of self-reiki and meditation.  The reiki felt amazing and I’m definitely getting better at sensing my own energy flow.  The meditation was all over the place.  I started breathing and quieting my mind.  I’ve been envisioning a flame into which I throw all of my worries.  From there I met my lynx spirt guide who took me on a walk.  I was hoping to do a meditation suggested in the book I’ve been reading (more on that in a later post) but I guess last night was not for it.  I happened to see someone I know in real life in my meditation.  He was wearing a blacksmith apron and working in a forge which was strange.  He’s not the sort of person I envision doing things like that.  I said hello and asked what he was doing there, and in typical fashion he shrugged and basically said “you know, doing stuff.”  I don’t know why it was him or what was going on, but I was keeping Brighid’s flame and she is associated with blacksmithing.

I kept seeing a city in the distance, a place I wanted to go as part of another meditation, and I even got to the doorway.  My fox spirit guide showed up and said that I wasn’t ready tonight.  I was feeling sleepy so it was decided that I should return until another day.

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Happy spring!

Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox and I went down to Utica for a reiki workshop led by friend and reiki master Imagickat.  This was her first class on reiki and the first time she’s given attunements.  I must admit, before the class I knew very little about reiki.  She’s given me reiki treatments before and they always really helped.  They make me feel at peace, like massage but in a different way.  This will sound strange, but I love to be touched.  Not in a sexual way – but spiritually.  It’s warming and comforting.  
Back to what I was saying.  I’ve been largely ignorant about reiki.  It’s something I knew existed and, like I said, even experienced from time to time.  For whatever reason I never bothered to read about it.  This is mostly because I have so many other interests that it never dawned on me.  I always (wrongly) assumed it was derived from Shinto  practices in Japan.  I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to dapple with.  However, I learned that it’s adaptable to any spiritual practice and that it was even brought to America (by the Japanese) and changed so as to be better understood by Westerners.  It’s also incredibly modern, the practice only having been founded in 1922 by Mikao Usui.  
Learning this put me at ease.  Originally, I felt inclined to attend the workshop because I wanted to learn more about using and sensing energy.  I wasn’t sure if I would actually want to go further than learn, but in the end I’m glad I did.  The attunement wasn’t orgasmic, but I definitely felt something.  I’m much better able to sense energy within myself at the moment, but practicing yesterday enabled me to better sense it in others.  I was practiced on so much yesterday that my sinuses cleared for a whole day.  I later practiced on willing family members who said they felt at peace, that headaches vanished, and that they felt something sucked out.  I sensed a weird energy in my mum’s knees and she said they’ve been bothering her recently.  It’s all very interesting.  
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the ritual at Muin Mound in Syracuse.  I was feeling ill yesterday morning and felt that I shouldn’t go after an already busy afternoon (especially considering the necessary and long drive home afterwards).  I missed it but it was wonderful to see my old Pagan friends in Utica.  I’m hoping to do a Druidic ritual with my husband later.
I hope everyone has a blessed celebration of spring!  Just ignore the snow we had this morning.  😉

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