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I am so blessed to have a husband who is willing to have rituals with me despite his lack of religion.  There are even days, like today, where I feel “out of it” and it’s him encouraging me to do the things I value so highly.  I’ve been feeling congested all day as well as kind of depressed.  I knew I wanted to acknowledge the new season in some way but felt blase about it at the same time.  Hubby kept asking and asking so I finally decided that we would do a very laid back ritual closer to my longer devotionals.

Hubby said he enjoyed it.   He helped out by making a couple offerings and drawing the cards for the omen, even helping me interpreting their meaning for our lives.  To me, it was such a bonding activity.

We honored a being I’ve been calling “Forest.”  I see her as the guardian spirit of NY.  I don’t really know her real name so just call her that because that is where I feel her strongest.  There is a wildness about her and yet a tameness – much of it imprinted on her by us, but she nourishes us through the fertile, tilled fields where thick trees once stood.  She’s the localized Earth Mother who is waking up after a winter nap.

The omen we received was similar to what I got in my last ritual, and yet hubby felt there were other meanings too, which made a lot of sense.  The kindreds are calling us outside, to travel to our tribe, to dive into our different projects, and to not worry so much.

That last bit is something I need to work on…  Really, it’s probably the crux of my personality flaws.  I worry too much about what I need to do, whether or not I’m good at something, whether or not I’m attractive, etc…  I need to just stop and be.  It’s these things that are acting as hurdles to my spiritual development.  My mind is sometimes far too busy and it needs to relax.

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Bits and Bobs

A few days ago I did a ritual to transfer the energies from my original oath ring to another.  You see, the first one broke.  😦  I stumbled across an old ring a few weeks after and it struck me as 100% appropriate for my oath ring.  It has swirls, the archaic symbol I am so drawn to.  It came from my mother who wore it herself as a young girl, so it has a “family treasure” aura about it.  I went about the ritual as a way to reaffirm my oath.  It was a very positive experience.

I used the Druid oracle cards for my omen and drew the deer, cow, and swan from the Nature Spirits, Ancestors, and Gods respectively.  I feel that my Nature Kin, especially the unseen variety, are inviting me further into the hidden places of the forests within and without.  I feel that the Ancestors are calling me to their hearthways.  They also offer comfort and maternal understanding.  The Gods, I feel, are telling me of a transformation I must go through to progress through my Druidic studies.

How are my Druidic studies going?  Well I’m currently being discussed by the Clergy Council.  If I really think about it, the process puts knots in my stomach.  What are they saying about me?  Am I up to snuff or do I have to fix items in my DP?  Do they think I have what it takes?

My progress through the Artisan Guild study program is slow.  I’m waiting for my sister to bring some of her old art history books to me to take a look at before I decided if I should just buy one.  I’m studying the lore and folk practices connected to Brighid which is incredibly fascinating.  There are so many things I didn’t know or hadn’t thought about before.  A lot of it is clicking.

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