The Secret of Kells – A Review

I finally got around to watching “The Secret of Kells,” the animated feature from Cartoon Saloon.  It was recently added to the Netflix Instant Queue and several Druid friends were recommending it on the ADF mailing list. The story is about Brendan, a young brother in the Abbey of Kells in Ireland.  His uncle, theContinue reading “The Secret of Kells – A Review”

Blessed Lughnasadh!

“Lugh” by Mickie Mueller   May your harvest be plentiful, your strength be true, and your company great! May the sun shine warm upon you and may your August be filled with joy! Here, enjoy this lovely ditty by Omnia.  It should get you into the mood. “Lughnasadh” by Omnia   Also, for yourContinue reading “Blessed Lughnasadh!”

Otherworldly Travel and "Inception"

I saw Christopher Nolan’s latest film “Inception” with some of my tribe on Friday.  It was an amazing film complete with an intricate and fascinating plot, gasp-worthy special effects, and a riveting soundtrack*.  One thing that kept striking me were the similarities between the concepts of traveling into dreams in the film and the beliefs/teachings/experiencesContinue reading “Otherworldly Travel and "Inception"”

Thoughts on the Wicker Man

From Friday to Saturday, I underwent the vigil to become an official “folk” of Muin Mound Grove along with Candee.  What this means is that, along with having a history of attending the grove and a good relationship with everyone there, I am taking on more responsibility.  If need be, I could be asked toContinue reading “Thoughts on the Wicker Man”

Thinking About Storms

The sky is overcast and it’s a little windy out.  It rained earlier.  I wish it would storm.  I haven’t experienced a good storm in I don’t know how long.  You know?  The loud kind that causes lights to go out and everyone gathers in one room to cuddle in blankets while listening to theContinue reading “Thinking About Storms”

"Dark Crystal" Sequel?! Gods, I still need to see the first one! I know, I know… I’m horrible. I’m a huge “Labyrinth” fan and I adore the Frouds. Brian’s drawings are amazing and Wendy’s dolls have always inspired me. I’m so relieved that they’re using puppets instead of CG for the characters. I would have vomited ifContinue reading “"Dark Crystal" Sequel?!”

Worst Movies and Shows Depicting Witches and Pagans

Gus diZerega, Pagan blogger on Beliefnet, posted a list* of what his readers believe to be the worst cinematic (or television) portrayals of Pagans – specifically the much maligned witch.  It was an interesting read.  “Hocus Pocus” was one of the top worst offenders.  Although I completely agree with the argument, it’s still a favoriteContinue reading “Worst Movies and Shows Depicting Witches and Pagans”

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Story Thief

I finally got around to seeing the film version of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.  I really enjoyed the book.  In fact, the whole series was enjoyable to the point where I couldn’t put it down, each book successively more enjoyable than the last.  I finished all of the books in aboutContinue reading “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Story Thief”