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I’ve been working on forming a better relationship with Brighid in regards to my art.  I’m a fairly busy artist and am working on a project just about every day.  I’ve developed the habit of praying to Brighid when I start my work.  I sometimes forget until I’m a few minutes in, but I stop and take a moment to pray to her.  I thank her for the guidance and inspiration she’s given me, ask for it to continue, and pray that I bring honor to her through my work.  I always light some incense as an offering.  I definitely feel that it’s strengthening my bond with her, and I feel very blessed to have her look over my shoulder every now and again.

Tonight I spent some time working on a couple dolls – mostly accessories for them.  My favorite part of doll making is giving them personalty.  I feel like my skills are expanding.  I’ve taken up basic carving to make a spear shaft and a staff.  This definitely gives me the confidence I need to make my own set of wooden ogham.  I had thought about buying wood at the craft store, but I would much rather use branches from the forest near my home.  My friend Parallax recently sent me a link to Lolair’s amazing ogham set on Deviant Art.  My carving and painting skills are so elementary that I don’t anticipate making anything like that, but that general idea is what I am going to aim for, sans fancy illustrations.  For now.

In other news, I’ve taken on another mentee.  I hope to be of service to him.  My first mentee is often quiet and aloof.  I try to stay in touch but some people need their space and I am fine with that.  I just hope they know I’m always here if they need it.

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I don’t know if it’s the moon, the season, my hormones, or my lifestyle (it’s probably a combination!), but I have been one tired Pagan as of late. It seems that I want nothing more than to sit on my bum and vegetate after work. I’m sorry to say that our home is not as tidy as it could be. If someone came to visit, I would feel terribly torn between my desire to be hospitable and my embarrassment. One of our cats made it worse when she stole an unfinished doll leg from my studio. There are tiny clumps of stuffing here and there.

I’ve tried to do things on my to-do list. My sewing has fallen behind which is unfortunate. However I’ve been kind of productive on the Druid front. I wrote an article for Oak Leaves that I have to send in. I’ve also been editing another person’s article. I recorded a couple submissions for Tribeways. I need to give those another listen and send them in. I also need to finish my mentoring questionnaire… I should do that next…

In other news, my husband and I found a wonderful little shop in the town of Pamelia, NY (near Evans Mills if you know where that is…). It’s called Doxtater’s Farmers Market and it’s wonderful. We found organic, cruelty free eggs there as well as local fruits and veggies (in season!), local peanut and almond butter, maple syrup, jam, soaps, lotion, and breads. There’s a gorgeous brick oven that the baker uses right in the shop. He also makes delicious pizza. Oh, and for any of you meat eaters looking to support local, organic farmers rather than the nasty factory farms, Doxtater’s also sells local, organic, pasture-fed beef, chicken, and sheep. I’m very excited about the shop and its proximity to my home.

I’ve also located a local farmer who sells milk (unpasteurized) but I need to find a good container. I saw some large glass jars at the local Mennonite shop. One of those would probably do the trick.

Happy a happy Friday!

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1) Carrionmann got back to me about being a mentor for people working on their Dedicant Programs. I was informed that my DP was excellent and that I definitely qualify! Huzzah! I’m really excited about helping people and giving back to the religious community I love so dearly. I just need to complete the questionnaire.

2) Oak Leaves and Tribeways work – I have an article to edit for someone else and an article that I am writing to contribute. I was thrilled to contribute to the Solstice Tribeways podcast and I definitely want to think of something to contribute for that. Again – I am so excited to get more involved.

3) The artisan guild is working on making a gallery of member work. I need to get some photos of things in! On a related note, I want to start planning an entry for the guild competition at Wellspring!

4) I want to do another trance soon, if not tonight. I feel better and am ready to meet my teacher once more.

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