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Today was busy but in a good way.  I went to Massage Works in Watertown for my monthly massage.  My therapist says she noticed I didn’t have as many knots this time.  I asked her about lomilomi massage, because I was curious, and she did some on me.  It was interesting but not something I would want for an entire session.  It’s very intense and, in some ways, rough.  She only did a little bit, and I definitely felt like she was breaking through something.  My lower back feels really limber now!   Next time I might reserve a longer period and have her do some reflexology on my hands and feet.  They always seem to cry out in jealousy after my back and neck get so much attention!  Perhaps I’ll practice some reiki on myself later to make up for it.

I also bought fabric for a cloak I’m going to make for Wellspring.  I hope it turns out well!  The fabric store in Watertown is just not as good as the one in Utica.  It’s very disappointing and I hope it improves… They didn’t have enough of most fabric, so I decided on a moss green velour and a gold faux satin for the lining.

Speaking of stores in Utica, I heard a rumor that Accents of Ireland closed.  Is that true?  If so, that is very sad.  

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~ Last night went well.  I decided not to give myself a reiki treatment.  I had a professional massage and no longer felt the need.  The massage was amazing and I really liked the woman who did it.  I got a good vibe from her and we talked a bit about some of the New Age/Pagan community in the area.  I learned about several opportunities I would like to look into!  More on these soon.

~ I meditated last night and used my bodhrán to drum myself into a trance.  It’s something I’ve been meaning to try but I always put it off because I thought the physical motion would be too distracting.  It was strangely effective!  I met Brighid and had a little chat with her. She put me at ease about several issues.  I also met with my spirit guide and learned a strange dance from him.  We also talked briefly about how funny it is that a vegetarian has a carnivorous spirit guide.  He basically gave me the impression that just because he hunts for meat, it doesn’t mean I have to.  He said I hunt for other things.*

~ There’s another ADFer in Watertown!  I randomly looked at the roster for NY state and saw his name!  He joined a month ago.  I decided to email, say hello, and tell him about Muin Mound.  He replied and said he is hoping to attend the grove.

~ My husband and I are getting really excited about Wellspring. He’s mostly excited about camping out and finally using our tent.  I’m looking forward to meeting more of my spiritual community and the workshops!  I wish there was more information about what is being presented and when certain rituals will be…

*My bodhrán has a skin head.  Yes I know this is hypocritical…  I deal with issues like this all the time.  I try my best and take my baby steps and live peacefully…  But I also really trust the person who makes the drums and, frankly, I would rather have a drum from someone who respected the animal than a synthetic drum head from a factory.  

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As the title alludes, tonight it is my turn to keep Brighid’s flame.  As I did last month, I’m going to refrain from using the internet and, instead, spend my time in meditation, creativity, prayer, study, and housework*.  I am also planning to give myself some reiki.

I’ve been working on another Brighid doll recently.  So far she is turning out well.  Every time I sew something I learn a new lesson, and this piece is no exception.   I cannot wait to share her.

Before my quiet evening begins, I am going to get my massage in Watertown.  I’m very excited.  Nothing like some healing on my day of working with Brighid, right?  I shall ask for her blessing as I lay on the table.

*As Brighid is a Goddess of the hearth and home, I feel it’s only appropriate to tidy it up so that she is more welcomed here.

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I said I would tell you how my massage went.  Well, I would if I had had one.  The directions Google Maps gave me were, surprisingly, wrong.  I’ve never, ever had a problem with it before, but apparently this has happened more than once for the massage therapist.  The address on her website has taken GPS devices to a completely different location than the one Google Maps sent me to, and both are wrong.  She gave me explicit directions for my rescheduled appointment on Thursday.  I cannot wait!

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I’m officially on vacation!  What am I going to do with myself?  Well besides sleeping in and possibly visiting family, I’m planning to do some ISP and Art Guild SP work.  I have numerous books and articles to read, an essay I’d like to start, and drawings to work on.  I also have my various sewing projects to keep me busy.

I’m really excited about tomorrow.  Tomorrow, dear readers, I’m going to get a massage at Massage Works in Watertown!  As my husband guesses, it’s sure to be an excellent start to my vacation!  The massage therapist, Patti, also does reiki.  Down the road I would love to get a combination massage/reiki treatment.  Yes, I know, I received my reiki I attunement and can perform self-treatments…  but really, isn’t it nice to have someone else do it too?  My poor back is so achey; I’m terribly excited about tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to post a review!

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