My Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh started yesterday for me.  Weretoad had to work but I still wanted and needed to attend Muin Mound Grove.  I had committed myself to make the main offering – a doll of Tailtiu, Lugh’s foster mother.  It is because of her that we celebrate Lughnasadh.  The story goes that she cleared the fields forContinue reading “My Lughnasadh”

Blessed Lughnasadh!

“Lugh” by Mickie Mueller   May your harvest be plentiful, your strength be true, and your company great! May the sun shine warm upon you and may your August be filled with joy! Here, enjoy this lovely ditty by Omnia.  It should get you into the mood. “Lughnasadh” by Omnia   Also, for yourContinue reading “Blessed Lughnasadh!”

Just a Few Things

1) Here’s an interesting if brief article on “spiritual blockage.” 2) The incessant coughing I have is apparently caused by seasonal allergies – something that I’ve never officially been diagnosed with until now.  Bugger all.  I was always so happy to be in the minority of adults who didn’t have to deal with allergies.  WhyContinue reading “Just a Few Things”

Some Developments

1) As stated earlier, I’m an official member of Muin Mound Grove.  That means I can plan rituals and run for office.  So, I am running for grove secretary – unopposed.  LOL  Our current secretary is going to be the new Senior Druid since the old one is MIA.  Some of you who know meContinue reading “Some Developments”