Magically Mundane Mondays – Part 1: The Neti Pot

This is the first of a series of what I hope to be weekly posts about a subject I’ve become passionate about – filling my life with magic.   To the uninitiated*, living a “magical life” must sound fruity and idealistic at best, and delusional at worst.  To many Pagans, magic is very real.  WhatContinue reading “Magically Mundane Mondays – Part 1: The Neti Pot”

As some of you know, I have two Facebook accounts.  Let me just say that the reasons are related to religion and privacy*.  One is dedicated to my Pagan focus and Pagan-accepting friends, and the other is for everyone else!  I received a friend request on my “real” account this evening from someone I wentContinue reading

Great Outdoor Expo and a Different Perspective on Ancestor Veneration

As I said in my last entry, my husband and I saw “How to Train Your Dragon” this afternoon.  After that we went to the Watertown Great Outdoor Expo.*  The entrance fee was only $3 per person so I figured it would be a fun thing to check out.  It’s true that my husband andContinue reading “Great Outdoor Expo and a Different Perspective on Ancestor Veneration”