Let me introduce you to Sif!

Sif is a Norse Goddess.  She’s Thor’s wife and is known for her beautiful, golden hair. Here is my interpretation of her.  She’s sitting in the forest with her horn of mead. Here is a closeup of her sitting in a tree. Sif is a one of a kind art doll and is not aContinue reading “Let me introduce you to Sif!”

Some information on Bláithíne

Bláithíne/Blathnat,  the flower maiden and Goddess of the fields, is an apt deity to honor in May.  The northern hemisphere is waking up and filling with flowers instead of snow.  She leaves her husband (through arranged marriage) to be with the one she really loves, Cuchulain.  In the end, she’s killed by her husband’s bard. BláithíneContinue reading “Some information on Bláithíne”

"It’s May! It’s May! The lusty month of May!"

My Beltaine was wonderful.  After a delightfully amorous morning, hubby and I went to The Mustard Seed in Watertown to enjoy their Earth Day celebration.  We got to try a plethora of products, including some eco-friendly perfume, organic cat treats (which our babies really enjoyed), soaps, and a micro-brewed kombucha.  My husband is not aContinue reading “"It’s May! It’s May! The lusty month of May!"”

Oh the things people leave behind in forests…  It was nice to be outside, for however short, and begin cleaning up.  I got to see several tiny snails which was fun.  I also made a little cairn under a pine tree in tribute to the land Goddess. Otherwise my day was spent inside.  Sif isContinue reading

I spent some time with my family driving through the Otsego County today.  It’s always nice to see different areas in the state.  I’ve been there a few times as a child/young adolescent, but not recently.  Upstate NY is so beautiful.  We drove by glimmering lakes, sprawling wetlands, emerald pastures, and numerous content looking cowsContinue reading

More on our relationship to the Gods – Thoughts and Questions

As many of my most recent posts demonstrate, I’ve been contemplating our relationship with deity quite a bit.  Yesterday I mentioned the thought that the Gods we have good relationships with may try to protect us from chaotic or destructive spirits.  Last night I started to think about what it means if the Gods youContinue reading “More on our relationship to the Gods – Thoughts and Questions”

Gardening and Relationship to Deity

I’ve been collecting pots, soil, and seeds.  I’ve started to plant and have some seedlings.  I’ve been crocheting hanging pot holders.  I’m awaiting another order of heirloom seeds.  Needless to say, I love gardening and I can’t wait to really get underway.  The last possible day of frost in the North Country is projected toContinue reading “Gardening and Relationship to Deity”

Lupa recently posted about our relationship with deities and how it relates to our own will and power.  I thought it was well-written and pertinent to my recent post about the evolution of our relationship with deities, specifically Brighid. It is amazing to me how much human beings will disempower themselves when dealing with deities,Continue reading

Looking for a good book for your Pagan child?

I came across a childrens’ book today and, after flipping through it, I couldn’t pass it up for my growing collection of young Pagan literature.  Any parents/educators should be familiar with the hugely successful “Magic Tree House” books.  I see second and third graders reading them all the time.  This book, entitled Leprechauns and IrishContinue reading “Looking for a good book for your Pagan child?”

Another book to read (plus some personal thoughts on polytheism)

The third book I ordered for Magic 1 arrived yesterday!  It’s called Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition by Nigel Pennick whom you may remember is the co-author of A History of Pagan Europe along with Prudence Jones.  Having thoroughly enjoyed A History, I couldn’t wait to start it.  Yay for reading three books simultaneously!Continue reading “Another book to read (plus some personal thoughts on polytheism)”