Gardening, Vigils, and Life Lessons

My sweet peppers have been eaten by something.  This makes me sad.  I shouldn’t have put them out without a milk jug over them…  They were so little…  Everything else seems to be doing ok.  My hot peppers have flowers!   I was reading up on the vigil/welcoming ceremony Muin Mound does for people becoming aContinue reading “Gardening, Vigils, and Life Lessons”

Taking Care of Business

Wellspring really motivated me to delve deeper into the study programs I’m working on.  I kept making excuses for why I wasn’t working harder.  Some of them are arguably valid, such as being tired after work, but I only work for five days out of seven.  There are two days that I could easily getContinue reading “Taking Care of Business”

Gardening and Relationship to Deity

I’ve been collecting pots, soil, and seeds.  I’ve started to plant and have some seedlings.  I’ve been crocheting hanging pot holders.  I’m awaiting another order of heirloom seeds.  Needless to say, I love gardening and I can’t wait to really get underway.  The last possible day of frost in the North Country is projected toContinue reading “Gardening and Relationship to Deity”