Looking Forward to the New Year

I do consider Samhain to be the beginning of my spiritual year, but I also cannot deny the status quo in regards to modern society.  Generations have looked to the point between December and January as the threshold to a new year and the continual existence of all. I can’t deny the power associated withContinue reading “Looking Forward to the New Year”

Working with Nature

It was always easy for me to connect with The Nature Spirits.  Upon reflection, I must confess that it was the Nature Spirits who originally helped me decide to turn to Paganism.  I’ve always been an environmentalist.  At a very early age, I started to learn about animals, ecosystems, and the huge amount of damage humans were inflictingContinue reading “Working with Nature”

Mushrooms in my Garden

I’ve got a few tiny mushrooms in my garden.  According to everything we’ve been reading, the veggies are safe and the mushrooms can indicate good soil and benefit the plants.  The shrooms themselves are not edible but the plants will not be contaminated.  We think they’re conocybe albipes.  Pretty neat! In other news, my interestContinue reading “Mushrooms in my Garden”

I visited a local greenhouse and procured some new additions for my garden.  I bought some spinach seeds as well as a habanero pepper plant, some kale, and salvia.  The later adds some lovely purple to my garden and should be welcomed by the many butterflies that flit around.  (I saw a yellow swallowtail anContinue reading

Show and Tell

Catnip in a crocheted hanging basket. Some of my cucumbers (they’re finally flowering!), a tigerella tomato plant, and a fox to guard them! A gnome stands guard amidst the oakleaf lettuce and dill.  Below are marigolds and lemongrass.   A sunny wind chime adds to the relaxing atmosphere that is my patio garden.  Hanging nextContinue reading “Show and Tell”