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Magic Missile!

D&D amuses me.  I adore the game and have so much fun playing it, especially with laid back people and a mixed beverage.  Great laughs, great times, and great creativity.  I play a sorceress and I’m enjoying her.  I did originally want to play a Druid but I stepped aside to allow my friend, who has never played before, to have a character she really wanted for her first experience.  I would like to play a Druid next time, that’s for sure. This campaign is the third time I’ve played with a Druid on the team.  Between D&D and WoW, it’s interesting to think about the pop culture Druid compared to the “real thing.”  The hyperboles in their character seem really outlandish until you consider the symbolism behind it all.  Then it’s really not so bad.  They are healers, warriors, and magicians – all very apt.

If I get the chance to play a Druid, I want to take the tree-hugger appeal to the extremes and go absolutely nuts when anyone does anything contrary to what is “natural.”  I don’t just want to get annoyed – I want to lose it.  I envision a psychopathic Druid who values Mother Earth to the point where she has separated humanity and technology from her, as if there was no connection.  She would be a complete and utter luddite.  I’m thinking true chaotic bordering on chaotic evil depending on the species in question.  Her goal would be to avenge Mother Nature.  She would be especially spiteful of humans and dwarves for their industriousness.  Really, her subconscious is seeking personal validation because she feels herself as a burden to the Great Mother.  In the end, it would be nice for her to develop into a more psychologically and spiritually balanced character.  Or not.  Who knows.

Perhaps she is my shadow self?

*I’m saying this with the various traditions and historical accounts in mind.  Yes I know there is some variability.

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Life has been pretty busy this past week due to work, a death in the family, and plans with friends and family.  My craftiness has been slowed and, as work picks up, will probably stay that way for a few months.  I still have a DP to finish reviewing and an email from my mentee to look over and reply to.  I haven’t done any work on my study programs this week, but did finish reading The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien.  It was such a fun read.  I pour over so much history and folklore recently that I don’t often treat myself to more modern literature.  As I already have a copy of The Two Towers, I’m sure I’ll be delving into that next!

What else is going on with the Ditzy Druid?

I went to the NY State Fair yesterday with my husband and a couple friends.  It was exhausting but fun.  Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as it was the last time I went.  The temperature comfortably hung around the 60s all day.  I actually wore a sweater!  It was wonderful.

Anyway, I was able to take advantage of some of the state artisans and famers.  I bought some supplies for art and wildcrafting, such as the brick of beeswax at left.  I’m planning to make some herbal ointments soon, starting with a soothing jewelweed and witch hazel concoction for poison ivy rashes and other itchy irritations.  I must get the other ingredients soon!

I also bought some soy candles made by Canterbury Cabin of Greene, NY.  I picked out “Eucalyptus Avalanche” specifically for congestion and healing spells.  The “lemongrass and ginger” I’m planning to consecrate for cleaning and purification magic.  Can you tell that I’m big on candle magic?  The “Waterfall Mist” was Weretoad’s favorite scent and I had to treat him. 🙂

Weretoad treated me to this lovely pewter figurine of Galadriel, one of my most favorite Lord of the Rings characters (along with Gandalf and Sam).  I was so excited when I saw her!  I’m not sure where to put her yet.  I’m thinking about near a mirror, along with other confidence-building trinkets.

I also bought myself a small pewter figure of a witch/sorceress.  My interest in Dungeons and Dragons was recently reawaken and I’m playing with some acquaintances.  My character is a sorceress.  You may be surprised to learn that this is my first time playing a caster.  The last few times I played I was a fighter/bard, a rogue, and a rogue/bard/exotic dancer cat person.  The spell casters have always intimidated me due to the amount of work that seems to go into them.  I would have played a Druid but one of my friends has never played before and seemed to have her heart set on that class so I let it go.  I would rather her enjoy her first experience.  Besides, I’m a real Druid every day!  Well…a ditzy Druid in training anyway.   Perhaps I’ll post about D&D sometime.  I have a lot of thoughts about it in regards to Paganism.

I also stopped by the wool center to purchase some roving.  I want to try dying it for doll hair and spinning.

In other news, these are the skulls I found a little over a week ago.  They’re all cleaned and bleached now.  Sarah Lawless, an experienced traditional witch and wildcrafter, thinks the larger skull belonged to an opossum.  I’m moved to agree after looking at more photos of opossum and fox skulls. You can especially see the features of half an opossum skull in these photos.  How fascinating, to be true!  Just as the authors of that blog describe, I was surprised to learn that this skull with very long and sharp teeth belonged to an opossum.  It’s obviously not the first animal I thought of!  When you look at images of fox skulls, you can see the difference.  The opossum skull, for starters, has a ridge on the top whereas the fox skull is rounded.  Neat, huh?  The nature spirits teach us so much when we take the time to learn.

Finally, and in honor of the coming season, I give you the Autumn Oak Tree Spirit!  She’s not quite finished (I want to buy another acorn button first), but is ready enough for me to share her with you.  I’m too excited about her to withhold this photo any longer!  I hope you like her!  My goal is now to make a tree spirit for each ogham character.  Next on my to-do list are willow and birch!

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History had it wrong!

Who says we know little about the Celts?  Psh!  Civilization IV has taught me everything I need to know!  Let me reveal what I learned:

The Celts founded Hinduism, Taoism, and Confucianism.  They built the Great Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and Broadway.  They invented gun powder and rock ‘n’ roll.  They successfully completed the Manhattan Project.  They conquered and destroyed China.  They were pioneers in liberalism and environmentalism.  They constructed the world’s first space elevator.  Their immortal leader eventually became president of the United Nations (which it also invented).

Everything I thought I knew was wrong…

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I’m having a “meh” week.  I don’t know if it’s my body readjusting to a medication/hormones, fatigue from a busy weekend, the waning moon, or a combination of all of that.  I’ve been very lazy outside of work.  I’ve managed to exercise a little, water my garden, and began organizing my notes for different study programs.  Otherwise I’ve wasted time online and played Civilization IV: Warlords.

Hubby and I are nearly finished with the first season of “Rome.”  It’s a lot like “The Tudors” but set in in the titular city and during the rise of Julius Caesar.  Also like “The Tudors,” it’s not historically accurate.  All the same, it’s a lot of fun.  The costumes and sets are magnificent.  My husband, who finds “The Tudors” somewhere between boring and hilarious for all the wrong reasons, really likes “Rome.”  I think it has something to do with the two soldiers, Verenus and Pullo.  They’re interesting characters who get into amusing situations.

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